Useful Information about Greece

Essential information about Greece

The Capital of Greece is Athens and the official language is Greek
What about the currency? The currency is Euro 

Population: 11.03 million (2013) source world bank

Time Zone: GMT +2

Calling Code: The international calling code is +30

What about Health Care?

In order to have access to necessary health care, tourists from member states of the European union should have the European Health Card (EHIC) more information about the card here

Holidays & National Celebrations:

  • New years Day: 1st January
  • Epiphany: 6th of January more information here
  • Ash Monday: 41 Days before Easter
  • Independence Day and Celebration of Evaggelismos: 25th of March / Military Parade
  • Easter: From holy Friday until Easter Monday
  • Night of the Resurrection
  • Easter Sunday
  • Labor day: 1st of May
  • Pentecost: 50 days after Easter
  • Assumption of the Virgin Mary: 15th of August
  • 28th of October: National Celebration
  • Christmas: 25th-26th of December
Emergency numbers
·        Police: Call 100
·        Fire Service: Call 199
·        Ambulance Service: Call 166
·        Tourist Police: Call 171
·        Coast Guard: Call 108
·        Medical Emergency: Call 112
·        Doctor SOS: 1016
·        Pharmacies: 1434
·        Emergency Hospitals: 1434
Road side Services
·        ELPA: 10400
·        Hellas Service: 1051
·        Interamerican: 1168
Other useful numbers
·        Poisoning center: 210-7793777
·        Drug help line O.K.A.N.A: 1031
·        Athens traffic police: 210-5284000
·        Attiki odos traffic police: 210-6686300
·        Emergencies Hospitals, Pharmacies: 14944
·        General Information (Pay-per-call): 11880 – 11888

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