Useful Application for Athens

Make your trip in Athens easier with the following Applications

  1. Need Taxi? |  Available on Google store&App Store  
  2. Buy public transportation tickets from your phone/tablet with  TfA Tickets Available on Google Store&App Store
  3. Everything you need to know about Buses, Trolleys&Electric Railway in Athens(Routes, Timetables&Stations) |  Athens Transportation Available on Google Store
  4. Everything you need to know about Buses&Trolleys in Athens(Routes, Timetables&Stations) | Athens Transport Lite Available on App Store
  5. The AthensBook provides information about nearest Pharmacies, Gas stations, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Restaurants, etc| AthensBook Available on Google Store/App Store
  6. The Athens Airport Application provides information about Flights(Departure times etc), Transportation(from&to the airport), Parking, Timetable and other Airport information such as (car rental, airlines, shopping center) | ATH Airport Available on Google Store/App Store

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