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18+1 Museums that you must visit during your stay in Athens Greece

Acropolis Museum is an archaeological museum focused on the findings of the archaeological site of the Acropolis, the museum was built to house every artifact found on the rock and on the surrounding slopes. It has a total area of 25,000 square meters, with exhibition space of over 14,000 square meters, ten times more than the old museum of the Hill of the Acropolis and its building is a modern one covered mostly with glass that allows the natural sunlight to lighten the statues, overall the new museum offers all the amenities expected in an international museum of the 21st century
Address: 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou, 11742 Athens
Admission: 5 euros
How to get there? The museum is next to Acropolis Metro station
Opening Hours: 1 April-31 Oct: Monday 8:00 a.m-4.00 pm Tuesday to Sunday 8.00 a.m-8.00pm
Friday 8.00 a.m-10.00 p.m
1 Nov-31 Mar Monday to Thursday 9.00 a.m-5.00 p.m Friday 9.00 a.m- 10.00 p.m
Saturday and Sunday 9.00 a.m- 8.00 p.m
Closed: 1 January, Easter Sunday&Easter Monday, 1 May, 25 and 26 December
National Archaeological Museum is the largest museum of Athens and one of the world’s great museums.
Although its original purpose was to secure all the finds from the nineteenth century excavations in and around Athens, it gradually became the central National Archaeological Museum and was enriched with finds from all over Greece. Its abundant collections, with more than 11,000 exhibits cover a large chronological and geographical span offering to the visitor a sample from many different periods and places.
Address: 44, Patission street,  10682 Athens
Admission: 10 euro / Reduced 5 euro
How to get there? Trolley buses (2,4) stop to politechnio station or you could stop to Omonia Metro station or Victoria(Electric Railway Station) and from there on foot
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 08:00-20:00
Cycladic Art Museum is dedicated to the study and promotion of ancient cultures of the Aegean and Cyprus, with special emphasis on Cycladic Art of the 3rd millennium BC. The museum was founded in 1986 in order to house the collection of Cycladic and Ancient Greek art belonging to Nicholas and Dolly Goulandris, the couple collected Greek antiquities, with special interest in the prehistoric art from the Cyclades islands and the Aegean Sea
Address: 4 Neofytou Douka, 10674 Athens
Admission: Monday 3.5 Euros and the rest days 7 euros
How to get there? Trolley buses (3,7,13) / Buses(A6,A7,200,203,204,220,221,224,235,408,608,622) 
or you could stop to metro stations of Evagelismos/Syntagma and then on foot
Opening Hours:Closed on Tuesday  /  Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday 10:00-17:00 Thursday 10:00-20:00 Sunday:11:00-17:00 



Benaki Museum ranks among the major institutions that have enriched the material assets of the Greek state.It houses Greek works of art from the prehistorical to the modern times, it has an extensive collection of Asian arts and hosts interesting exhibitions of contemporary art. Benaki Museum is perhaps the sole instance of complex structure within the broader network of museums foundations in Greece
Address: 1 Koumpari&Vasilissis Sofias, 10674 Athens
Admission: 6 euros
How to get there? Buses(022,060,200,203,204,211,213,220) Metro Lines 2, 3(Syntagma&Evagelismos stations and then on foot)
Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 9:00-17:00, Thursday 9:00-24:00 Sunday 9:00-15:00
B&M Theocharakis foundation is primarily concerned with music and fine arts in Greece and internationally, with a focus on the emergence of the Modern and its continued development over the 20th and into the 21st Century
Address: 9, Leoforos Vasillissis Sofias 10671 Athens
Admission: 6 euros
How to get there? You could stop to Syntagma station and then on foot 
Opening Hours: Monday-Wednesday 10:00-18:00 Thursday 10:00-20:00 Friday-Saturday-Sunday 10:00-18:00
1-29 August: Closed
Numismatic Museum is one of the oldest public museums in Greece, it was established in 1834, from the beginning the history of the Museum was directly related with that of the Modern Greek state, the social circumstances and the cultural directives of each age
Address: 12 Leoforos Eleftheriou Venizelou, 10564 Athens
Admission: Full 6 euros, Reduced 3 euros
How to get there? You could stop either on Syntagma or Panepistimio metro station and then on foot / Trolley (2, 3, 4, 11, 13)
Opening Hours: Monday 13:00-20:00 / Tuesday-Sunday 09:00-16:00 / Closed on 1 January, 25 March,1 May, 25&26 December
The National Museum of Contemporary Art has moved to its new home the former Fix brewery, within the framework of the EMST collection policy, the permanent collections are built based on two axes, historical and synchronic and cover the field of painting, installations, photography, video, new media, architecture and industrial design. Also in EMST you can find series of periodical exhibitions of open and explorative character are presented, on issues, investigations and quests of international contemporary art.
Address: Kallirios Av.& Amvr. Frantzi Street, 11743 Athens
Admission: Regular 3 euros / Reduced 1,5 euro
How to get there? You could stop to Syggrou Fix metro station and then on foot
Open Hours: Every Thursday at 19:00, when the admission is free, and every Sunday at 12.00, whenever there is an exhibition
8)Municipal Art Gallery of Athens
The Public Gallery of Athens houses a diverse collection of nearly 3.000 works from leading 19th and 20th Century artists.Hosts big names including George Iacovidis, Nikos Litras, Gerassimos Steris, Vincent Bokatsiambis, Constantinos Parthenis
Address: Myllerou 32, 10436
Admission: Free
How to get there? You could stop to Metaxourgio metro station and then on foot 
Open Hours: Monday Closed Tuesday till Saturday 10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00 / Sunday 10.00-14.00 
The Byzantine and Christian Museum is one of Greece’s national museums. Its hosts religious artefacts of the Early Christian, Byzantine, Medieval, post-Byzantine and later periods, the museum has over 25,000 artefacts in its possession and they date between 3rd and 20th century AD and their provenance encompasses the entire Greek world, as well as regions in which Hellenism flourished.
Address: 22 Vas. Sofias, 10675 Athens
Admission: Standard 4 euros, Concessions 2 Euros
How to get there? Line 3(Get off at Evangelismos metro station) Buses(054,100,203,204,220,221,224,235,608,622,732,815,X14,X95,A5,E14 / get off at “Rigillis”)
Trolley Buses(3,7,8,13 get of at Rigillis) 10 get off at Ethniko Idryma Ereunon
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 08:00-20:00 / Closed on January 1, March 25, May 1, Easter Sunday, 25&26 December
Frissiras Museum is the only Contemporary European painting in Greece, it has a big collection, Corpet Vincent, Auerbach Frank, Dado, Kontos Yiannis, Lellouche Brice, Papadimitriou Elena, Blake Peter and more
Address:3 and 7 Monis Asteriou, Plaka, 10555 Athens
Admission: General 6 euros, Seniors 3 euros(over 65 y.o, students)
How to get there? Metro Stations(Syntagma, Acropolis)
Opening Hours: Monday&Tuesday Closed /Wednesday-Friday 10:00-17:00 Saturday and Sunday 11:00-17:00
The Museum first opened its doors to the public in July 1976. Until 2004 the collections were housed on all three floors in the basement of the neoclassical building. Their collection has some of 6,500 works of art, dating from prehistoric to modern times.
Address: 12 Theorias, Plaka, 10555 Athens
Admission: –
How to get there? Metro(Nearest stations Acropolis, Monastiraki&Thissio) Bus line 230 (Acropolis stop)
Opening Hours: –
Ilias Lalaounis Museum is a unique museum devoted to the art of jewelry and the decorative arts.Museum’s permanent collection includes over 4000 pieces of jewelry and micro sculptures from over 50 collections designed by the museum’s founder, also it is enriched with donations including jewelry and decorative arts from around the world
Address: 12 Kallisperi& Karyatidon Str., Acropolis 11742 Athens
Admission: General 5 euros, Reduced: 4 euros
How to get there? Acropolis Metro station and  then on foot
Opening Hours: Closed on Mondays and National Holidays / Tuesdays, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 9:00 a.m – 3.00 p.m  Sunday 11.00a.m-4.00 p.m
Museum of Folk Musical Instruments has a collection of 1200 Folk musical instruments from 18th century till now, Museum objectives are the collection, preservation and exhibition of folk musical instruments. Promoting research and study in ethnomusicology issues.The rescue, study, promotion of Greek folk and Byzantine musical tradition, both in Greek and international
Address: 1 Diogenous, Plaka 10556 Athens
Addmision: Free 
How to get there? Monastiraki Metro station and then on foot
Opening Hours: Closed on Monday / Tuesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday 10:00-14:00 Wednesday 12:00-18:00
Goulandris Museum is a public welfare institution, devoted to study, conservation and protection of natural environment.The museum’s research activity of the past four decades consists of:
-Extensive field research and collecting
-Recording, and identifying species
-Introduction into data banks
-Publication of articles and papers in the Museum’s scientific journal
-International publications
-Ecological/Landscaping studies of areas of particular environmental interest
-Thematic exhibitions in Greece and abroad and
-Scientific research in cooperation with Greek and international scientific centres
Address: 13 Levidou street, 14562 Kifissia
Admission: Standard 6 euros, Reduced 4 euros
How to get there? Electric Railway(Piraeus-Kifissia) stop to Kifissia(Terminal Station)
Opening Hours: Mondays-Saturdays 9:00 a.m- 2.30 p.m Sundays 10.00 a.m- 2.30 p.m / Closed on Public Holidays
The National Historic Museum narrates the history of Modern Greece, the period of Ottoman and Latin rule, the Greek War of independence (1821), the liberation struggles, the creation of an independent state, the political, social and spiritual development of the Greeks up to the present day. National historic museum collection consists of ceramics, clocks, drawings, figureheads, flags, folklore collections, furniture, maps, medallions and medals, military uniforms, paintings, popular prints and cartoons, prints, sculptures, seals and weapons more about the collections can be found here
Address: 13 Stadiou, 10561 Athens
Admission: 3 euros / Reduced admission 1.5 euros
Free Admission: Sundays, March 25, May 18, October 28
How to get there? Syntagma metro station and then on foot
Opening Hours: Every day from 8:30 – 14:30 except Monday
The War Museum was established by the Hellenic State in 1964 in order to honor those who fought for the country’s freedom, it’s mission is to collect, preserve and exhibit military artifacts and memorabilia, and to study, document and project the sacred struggles of the Greek nation from antiquity to the present day, in order to preserve the national memory and promote the historic continuity of Hellenism. In addition to presenting various periods of our history, the War Museum also operates as a place for
• Research, study and education.
• Conserving and safeguarding artifacts, memorabilia, etc.
• Organizing periodic exhibitions.
Address: 2 Rizari&28 Leoforos Vasilissis Sofias, 10675 Athens
Admission: General 4 euros, Reduced 2 euro / The First Sunday of every month admission is free(November 1st to March 31st)
How to get there? Evagelismos metro station and then on foot
Opening Hours: The Museum is open every Monday from 11:00 am to 16:00 pm
Closed on New Year’s Day, Good Friday&Saturday, Easter Sunday, May Day, Christmas Day
”The realization of the new permanent exhibition of the Museum of Greek Folk Art and Greek Folk Music Instruments at the Monastiraki area is proceeding fast.
The Tzisdarakis Mosque, which as the first premises of the Museum since its establishment in 1918 until 1973, will be part of the new permanent exhibition presenting an introduction to it. For this reason, and in order for the necessary preparation to be done, it was decided to have the exhibition area temporarily closed for the 21stof April 2015.
The other exhibition areas of the Museum – The bathhouse of the Winds, the Building at 22, Panos st. and the Museum of Greek folk music instruments – are open”
Address: 1 Areos, 1055,55 Monastiraki Square Athens
Admission: –
How to get there? Monastiraki metro station
Opening Hours:-



The idea of building a Jewish Museum in Greece was first conceived in the 1970’s by members of the Jewish Community of Athens, who offered every kind of assistance towards the realization of this dream. The collection of the Jewish Museum of Greece includes more than 8.000 objects, the oldest which are textiles and ante nuptial contracts from 16th century C.E.
Address: 39 Nikis, 10557 Athens
Admission: Adults 6 euros / Students 3 euros
How to get there? Sydagma metro station
Opening Hours: Closed on Saturdays / Monday-Friday: 9:00-14.30 / Sundays 10:00-14.00
The industrial Gas Museum opened in 2013 in order to promote and protect the old Athens Gasworks plant, an industrial heritage monument that supplied energy and lighting in the Athens metropolitan are for 130 years.
Address: 100 Pireos, Gazi 11854 Athens
Admission 1 euro
How to get there? Gazi metro station
Opening Hours: Closed on Mondays Winter Schedule(Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-20:00)  Summer Schedule(16 Apr-14 Oct / Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-18:00)


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