Bistros in Athens

6 hangouts to remind you of Paris 

Lotte: This bistrot attracts a lot of passers-by thanks to its lovely decoration with beautiful colors and vases with fresh flowers, wish some vintage objects and creations of famous artists. Lotte is one of the most beautiful cafe-bistrot in town as it offers handmade fresh sweets and pies which could be served with some fine espresso and tea with herbs, while jazz or classic music is playing
Address: Tsami Karatasou 2, Kolonaki
Conctact: +30 211-4078639

V4: Gourmet street food, steam punk interior, great wine collection and cool vibes
Address: Voukourestiou 4, Athens
Conctact: +30 210-3248062

L’Arrêt du Temp: A lovely cozy bistro to relax and enjoy your coffee/wine with delicious sweets and platters
Address: Vasileos Alexandrou 7 Avenue, Athens
Conctact: +30 210-7253200

Petite Fleur: A place with a personality and a sense of Paris. The beautiful colors and the sound of jazz music are really appealing. People visit “Petite Fleur” for its tasteful hot chocolate and tea while they never forget to taste its sweets, especially the famous lemon pie
P.s this bistrot is placed in more than one locations!!
Address: Omirou 44, Kolonaki / Conctact: +30 210-3613169
Address: Agiou Nikolaou 2, Chalandri / Conctact: +30 210-6814825
Address: Charilaou trikoupi 146 & Strofiliou, Nea erithraia / Conctact: +30 210-6251474
Address: Agion Theodoron 4, Kifissia / Conctact: +30 210-8083949

Portatif (Πορτατίφ): Romantic style, porcelain tea sets, white vintage furniture and soft jazz music. This new cafe brings some French air in Kolonaki. In here you may order coffee, special tea, hot chocolate with cinnamon and orange and last but not least you must taste the fresh handmade sweets, apple pie, tarts, croissants with chocolate or Bueno cream which are all made every day by the young and talented patisserie Tasos Lytras
Address: Sina 21, Kolonaki
Contact: +30 210-3621866
Zachari&Alati (Ζάχαρη και Αλάτι): We are talking about a wonderful neoclassical building which offers the experience of a bistro on the first floor and a jazz-rock bar on the second. This place gives you the opportunity to have a taste of the Mediterranean cuisine and Greek wines.
The menu also includes cool drinks and coctails such as “Mastiha flower” and “Cosmopolitan” with ouzo
Address: Anapiron Polemou 22, Athens

Contact: +30 210-3801253

By Sofia K.

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