Athens’ five Best Souvenirs

Don’t go back home without the following souvenirs from Greece

Greece has so many things that you can get to someone when you return home. I selected the ones that I also gave them to my friends and they were super excited. The below Souvenirs from Greece would definitely be a great gift from you to your loved ones.

Not a lot of people know it but Greece has so good Olive oil, it is true that most of the Olive oil produced in Greece is being exported to other countries rather than being branded in Greece. There are though some companies that started doing it and those are the ones that I suggest for you to buy from. Buying a bottle of Olive oil as a souvenir from Greece if not only a great gift for your friends but also for you!

The well known Olive Oil of Greece, About 70% of Greece’s olive oil is extra virgin and we all know how good it tastes, there is no wonder that Greeks are known for their Olive oil, fossilized olive leaves believed to be from 50,000 to 60,000 years old have been found on the Greek islands. In the area near Central Market in Athens you can find pure,raw, green virgin oil. What to stay away? From Olive pomace oil, why? because the pomace is what have been left of the olive

Some of the brands that you could buy and they were distinguished with a metal  are 39-22(Koroneiki), Arhetipon, Biosphere, Charisma, Divine Mount Olympus, Doleon, Laconico and much more

A Mastic Souvenir: Mastic is a resin obtained from the mastic tree. Cultivated only in the South of Chios Island, has been known, as an effective ingredient in the treatment of stomach pains and ulchers,  gastric disorders and digestive problems. You can try the traditional shards of mastic chewing gum or unlimited products which come from it like Mastiha Liqueur, Loukoum with almonds, Marmelade, Tea and much more. You can buy Mastiha products anywhere from the Airport or one of their central shops that they have close to Syntagma square.

Pistachio nuts: Pistachio trees have been cultivated in Aegina since 1860, the dominant variety is known by the name “Aeginis”, “Koilarati” meaning “round”. The ideal climate of the island and the unique soil composition lend exceptional flavor and aroma to the pistachio. Can be bought in or out of their shell, salted or unsalted, warm or cold

Pistachio nuts are also a great and pretty on budget souvenir that you can get in Greece. You can buy them from almost everywhere and they come in all of sort of different packaging, big, small or accompanied with other nuts.

If you have a lot of friends who love scotch, then this is a super good idea for them.

Ouzo: An anise-flavored aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece and Cyprus. It’s roots are in Tsipouro but the difference is that right after the distillation, the base spirit used to make ouzo is higher in alcohol than the base spirit used to make tsipouro. Ouzo base spirit is of Grapes before being flavored as we mentioned with anise so what are you waiting for? There is simply nothing better for bringing back the memories of the Summer, seafood and sun.

Which brand to buy? Ouzo “Πλωμαρίου”, “Βαρβαγιάννης”, “Απαλαρίνα Κληρονόμοι Σεραφείμ”

Ouzo is a very good souvenir from Greece also for you but also for your friends who appreciate good fish, it accompanies perfectly with fresh fish, octopus or calamari and you know what? It will also remind you those moments in a tavern on a warm sunset in Greece.

Natural Cosmetics: You can found them in the most chic boutiques of London,New York&Paris, but in Athens Korres cosmetics can be purchased in your nearest chemist. Made to homeopathic formulae, these effective and affordable lotions and potions cure all ills.

They also have amazing products for the skin, sun lotions and everything that you need for your bathroom.

These were the five best Greece souvenirs, I hope you like them, share your experience or comments with me. Would love to hear more about your trip.

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