A day in Athens

A day in Athens, ha? What will you see first? Which are the must do’s and don’ts for a day in Athens?

I’m sorry to say that there is so much to see and do in Athens and it’s quite impossible to do everything in a day but with a little determination and a good schedule you can at least get a quick glance of what this city has to offer.

But before we begin what will you need for the Day?

  • Positive mood, because either you visit Greece in the summer (it will be kind of hot all day outside) or in the crazy weather of winter, you will need it.
  • Be prepared to walk a lot, so comfortable shoes is a must. 
  • Last but not least, a bottle of water and your camera to snap in pictures for your way back.

If I were you I would start my day with Acropolis museum as it is one of the most famous museums in Athens. It is focused on the findings of the archaeological site of the Acropolis with over 14,000 square meters exhibition space. For more information about the hours and the tickets, you can search here.
After the Acropolis museum you can hit the top, Acropolis, which is an ancient citadel and it’s also impossible to imagine Athens without it. The rectangular limestone hill and the most important site of the city, constitutes one of the most recognisable monuments of the world and the ancient civilisation. More about the history and the restoration can be found here.

I guess now it’s time to eat something, right? It is been a long way to the top and coming down, so I suggest you grab something to taste the Mediterranean cuisine at the well known district of Plaka, the oldest section of Athens. Plaka is surrounded by neoclassical mansions, houses, small winding roads and pedestrian streets. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from to feed your hunger and be satisfied with the scene and the view.

In the summer you can even dine in the wonderful rooftops of Plaka and be able to see a great view over Athens, Acropolis and the surroundings.

Since you ate your meal and you are ready to go, start walking again towards Monastiraki area. You will pass the flea market, maybe even purchase something to remind you of your trip – some people like to have a souvenir from places they visit.

While you are strolling around, it might be a good idea to see the Tomb of the Unknown soldier (if you haven’t done so already) but before you reach that checkpoint, on your way up going through Ermou street you will see Kapnikarea.

Kapnikarea is a beautiful small church from the 11th-century in the heart of Athens and it is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was built over the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to a goddess.

But have you had enough food or not? If you haven’t done so yet and there is a small space in your belly for something more, then it is time to kick in a great Greek Σουβλακι/Souvlaki.

Nearby Kapnikarea is one of the best Souvlaki places in Athens, called  Κώστας/Kostas. Go on and try one. Trust me, you won’t regret it –  be sure to go before 18:00. He gets closed afterwards.

You reached Syntagma square and the sun goes down. It is time to check the Tomb of the Uknown soldier. Every hour there are ceremonial guards called Evzones which perform their march up to the tomb. So after seeing them, take a few steps and you will arrive at the entrance of the National Gardens. You should absolutely have a walk inside and take a photo or two of this amazing place.

You took photos, you walked more than enough and you’ve seen a big part of Athens – I’m quite sure you are tired and there is not so much energy to keep on going for more. Maybe it is time to get ready for your dinner or your evening drinks, a place with a view to remember and say a proper goodbye to the city? There are some bars with a great view of Acropolis and its surroundings in Monastiraki area. Check the top 10 rooftops in Athens to find the one you like the most. But if you still have energy for something more and you are willing to see and explore Athens by night, I would recommend a walk around Kolonaki and Exarchia area and after that a stop to Lycabettus hill for a breathtaking view.

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