Post punk in Athens

A glance into the post-punk, new-wave scene of Athens

We all want at certain times in our lives to go back in time, are you looking to go back to a 70’s night? You will listen to Cure, Bauhaus, Joy Division and much more all you need to do is to prepare for the dancefloor…


Our first stop is the oldest Goth Club of Athens called Rebound(in the past 70’s was a basketball field), you can find it at Plateia Amerikis, plays dark gothic, industrial 80’s, new wave, alternative punk etc.. it is the perfect place to go after-hours but keep in mind that is open only on Saturdays.


2nd stop Deathdisco, been described as dark heaven, good vibes, different events depending on the day and the mood. If you are close to Monastiraki and looking to find your next new-wave spot then stop reading and start walking!


Are you close to Peristeri? if yes then definitely go to Dark Sun, opened its doors at 95, as dark as it gets with a great touch of leizers,chains hanging from the ceiling, the perfect place to get you in the mood and one of the last ones that is keeping it real

About the music: Every Friday you can enjoy dark ambient,industrial,new wave, minimal and post-punk and on Saturdays experimental,power noise, future pop & harsh electro


Our last stop is a place called Second Skin, hosts different events and nights with industrial, ebm, goth and fetish shows. Started on the 3rd of October in 2008 changed locations until it is current one which is Gazi, a venue that makes you want to dance more!

Note: You are in good hands, the resident Dj of the club, George Fakinos is one of the most active djs in the greek alternative clubbing scene..



Something to get you started: https://open.spotify.com/user/5lfbbmtpxk9dg5v86rsbxmsvw/playlist/7MAkeWYDhspj5vOqql2dOR?si=zdhkMR76SQ6uwEPt-wlvMQ

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