What to expect from Athens Weather

Athens Weather – Acropolis

A lot of people and most probably you, searching for when is the best time to visit the city and how is the Athens weather.

Generally, Athens has relatively mild weather with average temperatures ranging from 11 Celsius (equivalent to 52 Fahrenheit) in January to 33 or more Celsius (92 Fahrenheit) in August.

Depending on the area that you will be staying, there are some differences, for example, if you stay close to the South(Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni) humidity is a bit higher comparing it with the North(Marousi, Kifissia).

Photo of Athens for Athens Weather
Athens Weather, photo by Oleksii Khodakivskiy

But when is better to visit Athens and its Islands considering its weather?

The best time to visit Athens and be able to visit the islands starts from the end of May until the end of September. May and September being the low season, June mid-season and July and August high season.

Athens is a great place to visit all year round though, so if you are considering visiting only the city, I would suggest you come around March or April which is not so hot but also not so cold either.

The most reliable weather website for Greece, Attica and the Islands is Meteo.gr so check it out before planning your trip!

What else to expect from Athens Weather?

Athens in Greece is one of the most sunniest cities in Europe with 2,771 hours of sunshine per year, the climate and the weather of Athens is Mediterranean that means that Summers are usually warm and Winters are cold but not cold like the US.

The last years Athens as most of the parts of the world are having every now and then a bit of unexpected weather as well. What does this mean? It means that according to when you are visiting e.g. close to Winter rather than Summer you might expect a bit more unstable weather.

When to visit in order to get the most out of Athens Weather?

In order to get the most of Athens Weather and enjoy your trip in Athens, I would suggest you visit either in Summer or a bit before that or after. The cost of your trip in Athens on Summer would be a bit higher than other months, Athens though it has Amazing weather at months before Summer and after summer as well.

Those would be March, April and September, October. All of those months you can visit Athens and really experience the great Athens weather with sunshine and not so hot and dry like the summer.

What are the averages(high and low) of Athens Weather by month?(*F)

  • January to February high is 56 High and 44 Low
  • March to April high is around 65 and 50 low
  • May until June high is 80 and 65 low
  • July to August high is 90 and low 73
  • September till October 80 High and 65 low
  • November to December 60 High and 50 low

Generally, Athens Weather will not let you down and you will have an amazing trip, let me know your experiences and any questions you might have. Always happy to help and Enjoy your trip!

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