Best places to go in Greece

Parthenon, picture from Christina Gottardi

If you are looking to see where you can go in Greece then this guide is for you, all the unique places to go in Greece gathered in one post.

Greece has a ton of things for you to see and explore, either you are looking for something close to Athens, the mountains,  Aegean or Ionian sea!

I gathered the 5 Best places to go in Greece in terms of how unique those places are comparing with the other parts of the world and how much those places have been pinned on the to go list of travelers worldwide.

“Hydra town port” by byrdiegyrl is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

1. Hydra Island: If you are visiting in the summer then you should definitely visit Hydra, one of the Saronic Islands of Greece located in the Aegean sea and very close to Athens, is a must see place to go in Greece for all the visitors.

Why you should visit Hydra? It is the only Island where cars and motorcycles are not allowed and it is just an hour and 30 minutes from Piraeus port.

How do you get around in Hydra? You will be going on foot or with horses and donkeys. Water taxis also provide public transportation through the water. Hydra was rated in 2007 by the National Geographic Traveler panel the highest of any Greek Island (11th out of 111 islands worldwide) as a special destination.

If you want to get to know more information about Hydra you can check the following post that I dedicated to this amazing Island.

Chalkidiki, photo by Jupiter Union

2.  Agio Oros as known as Mount Athos consists of 20 monasteries and it is located on the eastern leg of Chalkidiki Area in Central Macedonia. Some of those monasteries are easily accessible and some not, the number of daily visitors to Agio Oros is restricted so if you would like to see it then you will have to make arrangements beforehand.

How can I access Mount Anthos? In order for you to visit Agio Oros, you will need to obtain a permit valid for a specific amount of days. Please be adviced that only men are permitted to visit the territory and generally the residents are either monks or workers

Why you should visit Mount Anthos? It is one of the few places to go in Greece and the world where they remain intact from the wars in the past. It is known for more than one thousand years of continuous Christian presence and its long historical traditions. Also from 1988 Agio Oros is included in the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites

Thessaloniki photo by Dimitris Symeonidis

3. Thessaloniki is an amazing place to go in Greece, is known as the second-largest city in Greece with more than 1 million inhabitants. It is a popular destination for visitors and a top tourist destination worldwide.

Why is that? you are going to ask! Thessaloniki or Salonica is how we call it it is a cultural and entertainment center, a lot of theaters and concerts are taking place here!(e.g Art Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki International Fair, International film festival etc) Apart from all that, it is also known for its food and it is great nightlife. No one goes just for once in Thessaloniki, everyone just wants to go back again sometime in the future!

Chalkidiki Greece, photo by Ryan

Yes, you can combine your trip with Chalkidiki! It is an amazing and popular summer destination which is located as you see the map underneath Thessaloniki. If you choose to do both then it would be a great trip! We would suggest 2,3 days in Greece second-largest city and then relax to the sound of the sea in one of the beautiful beach resorts of Chalkidiki.

Monemvasia photo by Ricki Krause

4. Monemvasia the Greek castle town as they say. Located in Laconia, It is one of the few unique places to go in Greece with incredible sea and a perfect scenery. If you are looking to relax, enjoy a great sea then Monemvasia would be a great choice for you. It is a bit far from Athens though but it is definitely a great place if you are looking for something outside of the ordinary.

Meteora, photo by Fauve Othon

5. Meteora is definitely a widely known place to go in Greece, which visitors seem to love and looking forward to going to. It is also one of UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is located in Central Greece. There you can find one of the largest and most difficult built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries and at the same time enjoy spectacular views that a lot of people love to Instagram about.

Why you should visit? If the picture didn’t persuade you enough, geological speaking Meteora is one of the few places in the world where these unique and enormous columns of rock rise, creating a very interesting terrain which you would be able to see and enjoy. If you are looking to have fun and enjoy the nightlife then Meteora is not a good pick for you.

Those were the 5 best places to go in Greece, I hope you liked them and please share with me your comments, questions or your experiences! Would love to hear more! Happy travels!

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