Things you must know about Athens, Greece

City of Athens, photo by Andrian Dascal

On this article, you will find everything that you need to know about flights to Athens Greece,  Athens Weather, the Best time to visit and some tips


Athens is the capital city of Greece and it is among the most famous destination in the world. The city was named after Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and it is usually called the Cradle of Civilization. The city is also popular for inventing philosophy and the Olympics. The country has a great history which dates back to 3000 years. Some of the best things to know about Athens are listed below.

Acropolis, Photo by Stavrialena Gontzou

Weather in Athens

The spring (March to May) is the pleasant and mild months and you will need to pack a sweater for the chilly March winds. There is a rise in temperature from June and July which reaches their peak in August. This period is the best time to book for cheap flights to Athens while you also enjoy the attractions with less crowd. The temperature is fairly mild from the early fall months of September and October and it begins to cool down during November. The temperature average of 50 degrees Celsius during the day from November to February. It rains from October to March and December is the wettest month in the city.

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Best Times to Visit Athens

The best time that you can visit the city is between March to May and September to November. The weather during these periods is quite mild and you will be guaranteed sunshine. The city is not usually crowded during this period which means you will get affordable hotel and airfare deals than during the summer period. June to August is the summer season and the city is usually crowded during this period which means there is a spike in the price of everything in the city.

On the flight, photo by Nils Nedel

Best time to book a flight in Athens

You are going to find the cheapest flights to Athens from November to February and the price goes up after these periods. It is also best if you can book for flights in advance so that you can save money if you are planning to visit during the peak summer months or festivals and events. There are some dates in December when the flight’s fares are the cheapest but Christmas break is usually costly.

Which airlines fly to Athens?

It is very easy to book a flight to Athens from all over the country because Athens International Airport serves a wide range of the US and international carriers. Some of the airlines that fly directly to Athens International Airport from the US are Emirates, United, Delta, and Emirates while the international airlines are Air France, KLM, Air Canada, British Airways, Austrian Airlines, and SAS.

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Travel tips in Athens

Go during the offseason

During the peak season in Greece, the price is triple the cost of the offseason. It is best if you can avoid the summer season to save some money.

Athens Overview, photo by Farsai Chaikulngamdee

Walk around the city

Athens is quite compact and you can easily save money by simply taking a walk. You should make sure you avoid private transportation to save a lot of cash.

Cook at home

To save some cash, you should avoid eating out all the time. One of the best ways to save money everywhere you go is to buy some groceries and snacks and cook from your hotel or hostel.

Athens Greece, photo by Hans Reniers

Be on the lookout for museum discounts

Athens is popularly known for its history and architecture and the admission prices are quite moderate when compared with European destinations. The best thing is that you can even visit the major sites at cut prices during the winter period. You can visit between November and April to visit the museum at a discount price. If you are a student, you will also get major discounts or free admission to some of the museums in the city.

Are you looking for things to do in Athens? 

Try out the local Greek street food

The local delicacies in Athens are mind-blowing and you should make sure you try some while in the city. You are going to find a wide range of affordable street food everywhere you walk in the city. For €2, you can easily eat chicken or pork souvlaki, kebab, pita bread with fresh veggies, tzatziki yogurt sauce.

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