Pictures of Greece that you must see before you go!

Aleksandar Pasaric architecture-beach-city-1285625.jpg
Santorini, Picture of Aleksandar Pasaric

A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s why we gathered all of those pictures that we believe will give you a glance of Greece.

Pictures of Greece

1. We couldn’t start with any other picture of Greece rather than one with the Acropolis. The ancient citadel located in the center of Athens. It is one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites, unique for Greece and globally.

Acropolis, photo Kylie Docherty

2. After Acropolis, Greece is known as well for its Islands. It has an Island for every taste. With more than 6.000 Islands of whom 227 are inhabited, it gives you a lot to choose from. From big Islands like Crete to small Islands like Koufonisia which you can literally walk everywhere!

Check below some pictures of Greece Islands:

This picture of Greece is from the Zakynthos Island, one of the most popular Greek Islands with Breathtaking landscapes and exotic beaches like this one(Shipwreck beach as known as Navagio)

Famous for its beaches, a lot of them have been awarded a Blue flag, giving you the opportunity also to not only swim but also scuba diving and snorkeling!


If you are looking to visit the Greek Islands take a quick glance to the below

Santorini picture by Andreas Nextvoy

Sunsets in Santorini is definitely a must if you visit Greece, with over 5 million photos through Instagram and breathtaking views and landscapes is the number one destination for not only couples but everyone who is looking to enjoy and experience something out of the ordinary.

3. Of course, Greek food. Greek cuisine is Mediterranean cuisine and makes wide use of fresh vegetables, olive oil, white/red wine, cheese, lemons, herbs, yogurt, honey, fruits, and so many other delicious ingredients.

Find below some pictures of Greece dedicated to food and beverages:

Greek Salad
White Wine
Fresh Octopus, photo by Milada Vigerova

4. Meteora an extraordinary destination that you definitely must visit. I couldn’t leave out of the post of the pictures of Greece the Meteora. In Meteora, you will experience one of the largest and most cursorily built complexes of Eastern Orthodox Monasteries which is also on the Unesco World Heritage List.

Meteora, Greece

Have you packed yet? If not, check these travel essentials!

Meteora Greece, picture by Sorin Cicos

5. Explore the capital of Greece, Athens. An amazing city with so many exciting things to see and do

Odeon of Herodes Atticus. A stone structured theatre located on the southwest slope of Acropolis in Athens

If you are looking in more detail on things to do in Athens, we got you covered!

Acropolis Museum photo by George Tasios

If you are looking where to stay in Athens, we got you covered! Click here!

Streets of Athens, photo by Adrian Dascal
On the way to Acropolis, photo by Josiah Lewis

6. So much history so many things to see, you should definitely spend sometime in Athens and it is amazing weather. Stroll around see the nature, relax and enjoy the sunsets from the rooftops and definitely visit any Island that you have time to visit. There are some Islands very close to Athens e.g Hydra and some others that are further away e.g Crete.

Crete Island photo by Nextvoyage

7. Enjoy the never ending blue of the sea with your favorite drink and relax to the sounds of the waves and the sand.

Greek beach in Karidi, photo by Jason Briscoe

8. Explore its hidden gems such as underground caves, hiking trails, scenic views from the top of the Islands and the early mornings.

Paxos Greece, photo by Vlad Smolyakov

Go for Island hopping, Greece has over 6.000 Islands. Reach out to your friends and organize a trip, book the boat and a skipper and you are ready to sail!

Oia Greece, photo by Massimiliano Donghi

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