What to do in Athens

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Athens holds a significant place in the Western world due to its exotic life and picturesque destinations. Athens is one of the most ‘rich in culture’ cities. It is one of the top touring destinations for family, friends, and couples. There are many architectural wonders and natural scenic views worth-seeing.

There are millions of things to do in Athens, Greece for all sorts of people. While traveling to Athens, one might consider looking for places and things to do there. This blog is the ultimate guide for you if you are traveling to Athens. Here you will find the best 5 things and places to visit in Athens which will make your visit to Athens worth remembering! From world-class dining experience to the world’s most beautiful beaches’ nightlife, following are the top 5 things to do in Athens, Greece:

Acropolis, photo by Josiah Lewis source Pexels.com
  • Experience the magnificence of the Acropolis:

The Acropolis is the heart of Athens. It is one of the most wonderful architect landmarks in the world. This place reflects Greek history and culture in its best possible form. The Parthenon Temple is a must-go and sees location. Whenever you are traveling to Greece, mark your calendar to save a day from your travel routine to spend at the world’s most historic and cultural city’s architectural wonders.

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  • Visit ‘The National Gardens’:

If you are a nature lover and admirer, then this is one of the best possible spots for you to visit in Athens. The National Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens in Greece. With all the architectural side of the city, The National Gardens balances out the touring trend for the visitors and explorers. The garden has a quite history of its own as well. The garden has narrow tracks, a pond, and a small zoo.

  • The Agora-Athens Central Market:

If you want to experience the livelihood of the city, you should visit the Central Market located on Athinas street. Truck loading is done between 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. You can experience different cuisines of the world in the food market. All the dishes are cooked fresh and you can enjoy them at a very low rate. The market shows the vivid colors of the Athenian lifestyle.

Monastiraki Square, Athens!
  • Monastiraki Neighborhood:    

If you want to experience a bird’s eye view of the city, this is the one perfect destination for you. The neighborhood is based on markets and rooftop bars. You can have a great shopping experience at the flea markets located in Monastiraki. You will come across unique sorts of items i.e. handmade jewelry and handicrafts etc. You can also enjoy the beautiful sights of Athens from the rooftop bars.

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  • Museum of Cycladic Art:

Are you a history lover? Has a soft spot in your heart for antiques and art? Then, you must have to visit the magnificent Museum of Cycladic Art. It has the world’s largest collection of Greek antiques and Cypriot art. You will also get the chance to see some of the modern artifacts.

Pack your bags and get ready to experience the best travel moments of your life!

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