When you should search for Flights to Athens?

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The are a lot of flights to Athens from all around the world and that’s’ a great thing. Before I start analyzing exactly when it is better for you to come in Athens we should first see when you should start searching and how you should tackle it in order for you to save money but also be there on time.

What I always use to my travels and you should use it when you are searching for flights to Athens is the google tracker, through google tracker you would be able to see which flights are better for you to take, compare prices, stops, times and also connecting airports. With google tracker you will be able to find the best possible flights to Athens.

Now you are going to ask, How can I do that? How can I find the cheapest but reliable flights to Athens?

First step is to start early, sometimes you can also find a great price last minute but that is not the case all the times. What I would suggest is to first see when you would like to visit Athens, if you would like to visit Athens on the summer or close to the summer then start searching on google tracker which you can find it on google.com/flights.

Input your dates that you would like to visit and then the tracker will show you first the best departing flights, you can sort by price, departure time, arrival time and also duration. According to your needs or what you prefer you can use the sorting in order to define something closer to your needs.

Athens from above, photo by Oleksii Khodakivskiy found on Unsplash.com

Another great thing on using the google tracker is that when you actually click on the month you will be able to see the best prices or days on that month. E.g. if you let’s say don’t arrive on Friday but on Thursday or don’t leave on Sunday but on Monday you would be able to save at least 50$. Check the photo below:

Click on the Month and then you will be able to see the difference in the pricing depending on the date of arrival

Last thing that you can also do if you wouldn’t want to commit but you would like to catch the sudden drop in the prices for the flights to Athens is to click the “Track prices” button which will give you real time updates on your google e-mail with the changes on the prices on the specific destination.

With the above tips you would be able to save money on your trip but also find the best price depending on the time that you would like to visit Athens. If you are looking more tips about Athens check also the below links

When is the best time to book Flights to Athens?

As you may understand the peak season for Athens is in the Summer because a lot of people are also combining Athens with one or more Greek Islands afterwards. In terms of Months, the most expensive time to book flights last minute is in June, July and August with July and August being the peak of the Summer season.

If you would like to visit Athens in the summer but not to spend so much money on flights then you should aim for May or September, both of those months are great and it is low season. The awesome thing about Google tracker is the sooner you start tracking the flight you will get the best price down the line, so why not starting now?

How long are the flights to Athens from the US?

The exact timing on the flights to Athens depends on a various of things, it could be if it is connected flight or not and of course on the weather conditions. Generally speaking from New York to Athens usually the trip would be around 10 hours and from the west coast around 14 hours.

Which is the cheapest time of the year for flights to Athens?

As we discussed the high season to fly in Athens would be in July and August and the cheapest month to come in Athens would be around February.

That’s was my post about the flights to Athens and what you should do to get the best price possible, don’t forget on your way there stop by the counter in the airport and ask kindly for an exit row. You never know you might be lucky and get a great seat for the next 10 hours or so, more leg space means more happiness!

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