You should try at least once the Athens Marathon

Panathenaic stadium in Athens, photo by Chris Karidis on

The Athens Marathon is the a top sports and annual event in Greece, in recent years, it emerged as one of the most important races in the world, and this of course as well of the historic significance of the race.

It’s international appeal and historical legacy are an attraction for thousands runners from all over the world and it contributes in the most essential way to spread the sports spirit but also the universal values that we hold.

Athens Marathon At A Glance: The Athens Marathon is dedicated to the memory of Balkan Champion and pacifist Grigoris Labrakis and has the unique privilege of using the authentic marathon course of the 1st Modern Olympic games of 1896, which is officially measured and recognized by IAAF. The Athens Marathon is a 4-day event, and organized always the 2nd Sunday of November, consists of many parallel events and races of all distances and attracts more than 50.000 runners from all over the world.

How long is the Athens Marathon? The Athens Marathon is a bit more than 26 miles which is around 40 km and it is run entirely on asphalt. It has some ups and downs and that equals in the first 12 in level, some long hills and the final miles to be a downhill with a unique finish line, the Panathenaic stadium.

Athens Marathon finish line, photo by

How much does it cost? There is an entry fee which is $110 for the Marathon and $90 for the 10k or 5k but also the transportation and accommodation cost. The weekend of the race everything is pretty much sold out so if you would like to do the marathon race and be part of this magical weekend I suggest you book early!

How many people run the Athens Marathon? More than 50.000 runners from all over the world are running the Marathon, more than 90 countries and that includes all the races, the marathon race, the 5k and 10k road races and the kids and special Olympics race

Did you know that the Athens Marathon is the 39th largest running event in the world?

How do you register in the Marathon or the other races? In order for you to register to the Marathon race or the other races you should go to and then click to registrations, from there you will click register and pick the race that you would like to join.

If you are interested in a more premium experience there are premium packages that include the hotel and the races, those can be find in, if you are looking to book something on your own and you don’t know where to stay in Athens don’t be worried, I have wrote a post dedicated on where to stay in Athens, click here to be redirected to the post.

Facts about the Athens Marathon:

  • 42,195m of authentic course
  • 2,500 years of history
  • 120 years of Marathon
  • 6 difference races
  • More than 50,000 runners
  • 4day parallel event
  • 3,000+ volunteers
  • 800k to charities
  • more than 20,000kg of recycled plastic

If you are into Marathons and you like travelling around or you just want to challenge yourself I suggest you do the Athens Marathon, combine it with your trip to Athens, see the history, run through the city and experience it fully.

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