This is why you need to travel from Rome to Athens

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A lot of people that are coming from the US, Australia or any other part of the world to Europe would like to visit a couple of cities and countries before they head home. This post is dedicated on Rome and Athens and why you need to travel from Rome to Athens.

Rome and Athens are amazing cities and the tickets for you to fly from Rome to Athens are pretty cheap but first things first why Rome and why Athens? Rome is the capital city of Italy and one of the most populous city in Europe, home of Colosseum and famous for a lot of things, food, artists, sculptors, architects, Rome was and is the centre of their activity and who can deny that? Apart from all the above it is the 3rd most visited city in the European Union and 14th of the whole world.

What about Athens? The capital and the largest city of Greece, one of the world’s oldest cities and the birthplace of democracy and the base of western civilization. Athens is the home of Acropolis and the first modern Olympic games, a unique destination that combines history and the stunning Greek Islands.

Why you should combine your trip and travel from Rome to Athens? You will have the chance to see two of the best cities in Europe and do that pretty cheap because the ticket price to travel from Rome to Athens is around 44$ with Ryanair(book it beforehand). I would suggest before booking your trip to Rome and then from Rome to Athens to use the google tracker to track those flights. You can do that by!

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How long is the flight from Rome to Athens? The flight duration of course depends on the weather but on avg it is around 2 hours and the avg price is around $100, I would suggest you book your flight with Ryanair in order to save some bucks!

Is it possible for you to take a train? You can’t really take a train all over from Rome to Athens without getting a ferry and getting there fast. The trip if you would like to get a train involves the ferry and you should get it to Patra which is a nice city also to see and from there to Athens. If you would like to read more about Patras click here to be redirected to a post that I wrote dedicated to the cities in Greece.

How far is Athens to Rome? It is around ~657 miles away which equals to more than 1000 kilometres

As you may understand Athens is not that far from Rome and it will be a great trip if you combine those two. What you should do also is the following, spend some days in Rome then travel from Rome to Athens by plane, stay in Athens for 3,4 days to see main attractions and enjoy the Athenian nightlife and then you should head to the Greek Islands.

There are so many Islands, literally for every taste and whatever you are looking for. To be able to visit Athens and then go to the Islands you should aim to come around May to September, July and August is the high season so if you are looking to come on budget you should come either mid May to June or September. Book your accommodation beforehand and let me know if you need any recommendations or suggestions. You can check here a post that I wrote about the Greek Islands and if you search a bit the website you can read pretty much for every Greek Island.

If you liked the post, share the love and let me know your experiences! Would love to help you to organize and make the fullest of your trip! Safe travels!

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  1. Fantastic information! We were thinking of doing this in a few years!! Actually, seeing some of Italy and then to Athens and some of Greece! We just can’t seem to get enough of Greece!!

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