How to get from Athens to Hydra?

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Hydra is located in the Saronic Island and it is a perfect getaway from Athens. The island is a hotspot for both the locals and tourists and it offers a rich history mixed with a cosmopolitan vibe. Hydra is a great destination to escape from the hustle and bustle of Athens and just a breath-away, it is one of the closer Islands to Athens. Getting from Athens to Hydra is straightforward and there are different options to choose from. Some of the best ways to get from Athens to Hydra are listed below.

Athens to Hydra Ferry: You can easily get ferries to Hydra from the Piraeus Port. You are going to find varieties of high-speed ferries that ply the Piraeus to Hydra route and there are some added services during the weekends. All the ferry services to Hydra are run by Blue Star Ferries which is a popular company that you may have used before when you travel to the Greek Islands.

The best thing is that you can easily check the schedule and book your tickets online, it will be best if you book a few days in advance if you must take the ferry at a specific time. Booking way earlier could give you also a better price as well and will increase the possibility of finding tickets which on high season the demand is very high.

If you are visiting Greece on a budget between July and August, you can also opt for Agia Marina Aiginis ferry that will stop at Aegina on your way to Hydra. The boat leaves the Piraeus port at 9 am daily and also leaves Hydra at 16:30. This mode of transportation is not ideal if you are planning to visit Hydra on a day trip but a great option if you want to stay longer on the island. You will find the boats that leave for Hydra in Gate E8 which is not far from the Piraeus metro or suburban station.

How long is the ferry from Athens to Hydra? Hydra is pretty close to Athens so you won’t need to spend all your day on the ferry, it will take you approximately an hour and 30 minutes to reach the Island but of course that depends on the weather as well. The average ticket price that you will pay to get there is around 30 euros.

Sailing or Cruising to Hydra: Hydra is a great destination that you can also sail to. Although the harbor in Hydra is small, it is mesmerizing and it is a great place where you can watch yacht moor up. If you are a regular visitor with yachts or cruise boats, you will know the routine to take. If not, you can call the Hydra’s official and unofficial harbor manager for inquiries. The official Harbor Master’s Coastguard office number +(30) 22980 52279 is while the unofficial harbor manager can be reached on +(30) 6974565155.

What are the Top Things to do in Hydra? Hydra has a lot of things to do but the best ones are listed below:

– Go sightseeing at the Mansion of Kountouriotis
– Explore the local architecture
– Stroll from Kamini to Hydra town
– Swim at the Vlychos beach
– Go on a horseback riding

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