What you need to know about Airbnbs in Athens!

View of Athens, photo by Adrian Dascal, found on Unsplash.com

Airbnb wasn’t that well known in Athens a couple of years back, I remember around 2013-2014 were just a few apartments that were available in the market and very few people knew what Airbnb was and of course how everything would work. Nowadays you can literally find an Athens Airbnb pretty much everywhere, they are a lot of Superhosts and people do this for living.

You can find a lot of Athens Airbnbs in all the good neighborhoods like Acropolis, Koukaki which is an area very close to Acropolis but significant cheaper but also in other areas like Kolonaki which is the posh area of Athens city centre or Monastiraki the heart of the vibrant life and Exarchia which is the alternative neighborhood, If you want to read more about the neighborhoods you can check these posts that I wrote about Athens neighborhoods and where to stay in Athens.

How much it will cost you to stay in an Athens Airbnb? As you may understand the cost is correlated with the season that you are visiting, the neighborhood and of course the type of the apartment that you would like to rent. High season for Athens is in July and August which then the prices are the highest, mid season is in June with entry season being May and the last good month would be September. September is a very good time to visit Athens and you can also visit the Islands, prices are pretty good and the weather is amazing.

Overall for high season in a superhost Athens Airbnb if you book it early you can pay from $25/night per person to $320/night per person if the place has an amazing view, the average nightly price for July in Athens is around $68 dollars.

Acropolis in Athens, photo by Victor Malyushev found on Unsplash.com

Is it better to book an Athens Airbnb or go to a hotel? The good thing with Athens Airbnbs is that if you choose wisely, they will literally give you the vibe of the city and you will get to know better the Athenian lifestyle. Hotels are pretty good as well but overall renting an Airbnb apartment in Athens will give you a better understanding and feel of how to live as a local in Athens in comparison to a Hotel.

One more thing is that you now have a lot of options to choose from, If you had asked me the same question back in 2012 I would most probably tell you to choose a Hotel but now you have so many options and that means that you can literally stay everywhere that you want and that will give you a great glance of the city and the neighborhood that you are going to choose.

What area to choose for the best Athens Airbnb experience? That’s a question that I get a lot from people visiting Athens, when they should stay, how long and which area to choose to maximize their trip. There are a lot of areas to choose from and with different taste each, in terms of location and proximity to the attractions the best area to stay in Athens would be anything very close to the city centre(Monastiraki, Kolonaki, Koukaki) and that will save you time in terms of public transportation.

Make sure you start searching early, Athens is a very popular destination and especially in the summertime. A lot of people are choosing Athens as their first stop for a few days and then they go to the Islands, that means that the availability would be low if you book last minute and the prices would be much higher and of course you might not find the perfect apartment for you.

I would suggest searching through the availability on Athens Airbnb apartments and actually saving or putting into the wish list the ones that you like, that will give you the opportunity to go back at any time and check the availability of the ones that you liked much easier than researching again from the beginning. Also, if you haven’t booked your flights make sure to take advantage of the google tracker for the flights, that gives you live notifications if the price for the destination increases or decreases. With those two tips you will be able to have a better overview of your whole trip and make the process much smoother!

If the Athens Airbnb post helped you prioritize your trip, share it, like it and let me know your experiences. If you need any help organizing your trip to Athens send me your questions and would be happy to help you make the fullest of your trip! Safe travels!

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