All the exciting things to know and do in Voula in Athens

Voula is a very beautiful destination to visit in Athens either in summer or winter. It is mostly busy in the summertime but it is one of the best areas to live in the Athenian Riviera, in comparison with the Athens city center, Voula has a lot of green, parks and of course the sea.

It is mainly a residential area and a lot of people choose it to start and move with their families there since it is peaceful, has good public schools and everything is very close and convenient. Generally, It is not that big area and it is located in between Glyfada and Vouliagmeni, down Voula(Kato Voula) is closer to the highway so closer to the sea and there is also “Panorama Voulas” which is in the mountain, that area is mainly residential and has amazing views to the sea and the surroundings.

What can you do in Voula and why you should visit? It is one of the most beautiful and convenient (in terms of transportation) places for you to visit either for swimming or to enjoy a relaxing drink with a sea view. How can you reach Voula? There are a couple of ways for you to reach Voula, the fastest way for you to come is with a car but you can come with many different ways with public transportation. What I would suggest is that if you are not in a hurry and you would like to take the scenic route then the Tram would be the best way to get there. You can take the tram from Syntagma Square and go to Voula, it is the last stop and the route goes through all the neighborhoods of the city center and then it goes across the shore.

The only negative part of taking the Tram would be that it is a bit slow but the route is very nice and you can stop anywhere to take pictures and see a different area and hop in to the next one.

Another way for you to get there which is the fastest after the car is by taking the metro from Syntagma square to Elliniko which is the last stop of the red line and then the bus (122) from there to Voula(it also stops to the public beaches) and lastly you can take the Bus from Syntagma square directly to Voula(A2 bus).

Here are some things to do in Voula: Either in winter or summer is a unique place to do a lot of different things. If the weather is sunny I would suggest you go for a nice walk alongside the shore, from the last stop of the Tram until the Kavouri area is scenic walk to take, you can stop on your way and drink coffee overlooking the sea at Notos Café and then continue your walk to Kavouri.

You can also have a picnik on the grass of Notos Café or at the public beaches or just chill with clear blue skies and sea, the Athenian style.

Voula has always been a quiet place to lay back since Glyfada was the main shopping area with a lot of things to go and do but that changed. Nowadays in Voula apart from the peaceful walks and the nice places to see, you can also enjoy your afternoons and evenings to thoughtful and well-designed places. If you are in the mood for Wine at the moment you can go to two very nice places with a variety of wines to taste starting from Greece to many other places in the wolrd, those two places are Faidon and Vegera.

If you arrive and you are in the mood for brunch then you have a lot of places to enjoy a great one, you can go to a place that feels like Family called what else but Family or if you are looking something a bit more industrial then you can go to Rey Pablo, those two are not far from each other. If there is a special occasion and you enjoy meat then you should not miss going to Drakoulis Dry & Raw in Voula, definitely a place to remember which you can literally find everything that has to do with meat that satisfies even the strictest of critics.

On the other hand if you are not into the food part of Voula, there are a lot of nice routes also for running so if you are interested in that bring your running shoes and start running alongside the shore to Vouliagmeni. If you liked the post and helped you get to know more about Voula then why not helping some more people by sharing it? Let me know if you need any help with your trip in Athens and if you are looking for any good suggestions until then safe travels!

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