All you need to know about Tipping in Greece

Tipping in Greece, Porto Katsiki

Tipping is the way of showing your gratitude to the place or peoples serving you and in this post will show you what you should expect about Tipping in Greece.

When you are visiting Greece you must first know about the culture of tipping over there. You can pay gratitude at hotels, restaurants, while taking a taxi, and even to the tourists guide. There are no any sorts of obligations while paying such gratitude’s. Particularly when you do not receive a good service, it’s not any kind of obligation. The amount of tip to be paid is majorly determined by the quality and type of service. It also varies as per the countries. Mainly the tipping culture of Greece is different from the tipping culture of other countries.

You must be awarded about such cultures before going over there and never suppose the tipping culture of your country to be the same as that in Greece and follow it up over there also. Do not get any kind of misinformation about the tipping habits from other sources. Here is what you should know about the perfect tipping culture in Greece.

Tipping in Greece, Hotels and accommodation:

Tipping in hotels is a general way of paying gratitude which is followed up in several countries. In Greece, it is a custom to pay a top of at least 1 euro to the person who helps to lift your bag. You should also leave 1 euro for the housekeeper who manages your bed or table. At last, if you are satisfied with the service you can also leave a few euros as a tip for the concierge.

Tipping in Greece, Restaurants

Tipping in Greece, Restaurants:

After dining in a restaurant in Greece you will ask the bill, the bill that you will receive generally is different from restaurant to restaurants. The bill might include the cover or a service charge in it which should not be more than 1 euro per person. In many of the restaurants this charge is included in the bill but still in some of those, it might not be included.

This will be clearly stated in the bill. In such a case, there is no need to give a tip along with the bill. But still you can round off the amount and say to keep the change. But still, if service was good you can add a small tip from your side. In Greece, you are also charged up with a cover charge for bread, bottle water, and nibbles. 

If none of such service charges are being included in the bill then a tip of about 10% would be appropriate. There you do not need to pay a mandatory tip of 15-20%. You can also show some gratitude towards the person cleaning the table by leaving some coins on the table.

Also take into consideration that once you are done with your meal you have to ask the bill, the bill won’t be brought to you. This is one of the best etiquettes in the restaurants of Greece that they won’t disturb you until you’re are finished and in most cases you should let them know.

So, you can give the tip depending on the above-mentioned way in the restaurants.

Tipping in Greece, Spas:

Tipping in spas is not generally observed in Greece and neither do they expect any kind of tip from you. You can still tip if you want as per the service you receive. You can leave the tip along with the price at the reception.

Tipping in Greece, Taxi services:

This is also not an expected tip. It totally depends on you whether you want to pay it or not. If you really want to pay the tip to the taxi driver you can either round off the fare, or you can leave between 5%- 10% of the fare. And if you have hired a private taxi for the tour in the city then you can leave a tip of around 20 Euros to the taxi driver. You don’t have to pay the extra fare for the handling of the lugga6 y the driver because they generally add it up in the fare or you can also ask if they have added it or not. 

Tipping in Greece, Tourist guides:

It is generally considered a standard etiquette to offer tips on the tours. This tip will vary on the fact that either you are on a private tour or in the group. If in a group, each of you can give a tip of between 2 and 5 euros per person whereas for a private tip you should give a tip of 20 Euros. The tips are majorly given if you receive a good service. If you want to understand it on the basis of your tour price, then tip around 10-15% of your tour price.

Tipping in Greece, Bars and nightlife:

Generally, you do not have to pay any tips in a bar in Greece. You can either prefer rounding off the amount. Just round off the price of your drink and pay it saying that you don’t require any kind of tip or so. And if the amount is not in the rounding off characters, only pay it without any extra charges. But still, if you stay there for long for a few rounds of drink, leaving a few euros on the table will be considered sign that you had fun and appreciation. It’s not an obligation, but still, if you receive a good service you can show your gratitude.

Thus, tipping is a gratitude shown in response to the services received. It is a polite behavior of yours for the people providing service to you. Tipping in Greece is not always expected but still appreciated. It is a way to say thanks to the service providers if you are pleased by their services. It is a small assistance for them to fulfill their livelihood. Although there are no obligations but still you can give away some modest tip where you find it giving worthy.

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