Athens to Mykonos

Athens to Mykonos
Mykonos Windmills

Everything you need to know to go from Athens to Mykonos

There are two ways for you to go from Athens to Mykonos.

First one is by boat(fast one does ~2 hours and the slow one around ~4 hours), boats are departing from Piraeus port.

You can go to Piraeus port either by Taxi using the beat app which is like Uber but in Greece(You can download it either from IOS or Android) or of course you can just hop in any of the regular taxi’s which you can easily find them everywhere(I would suggest to book a Beat though in order to be able to know how much you will pay).

The other way to get yourself to the port would be by public transportation(metro doesn’t go there so you will have to take the Electric railway, a central location would be Monastiraki)

If you are also looking to get to know more information about public transportation in Athens then click here.

How do I book your ticket? You can book your tickets online by any of the following websites


The cost for you to get from Athens to Mykonos without a car would be from 78 euros to 130 euros per person. That equivalents to 85 to 143 dollars per person.

Travelling by boat is a bit longer but it does worth the ride if you are not in a hurry! You sit back relax, enjoy the view, snap some good photos, plan and chat with friends. Apart from that travelling by boat from Athens to Mykonos is a great way for you to experience the never ending sea and if you are lucky you might be able to see a dolphin or two.

Luckily for you, Mykonos also has an Airport so the fastest way for you to go from Athens to Mykonos is with an Airplane(it is a ~45 minutes flight), the cost is around ~200 euros(~220 dollars) but that depends on the period that you go as well.

Tickets in low season are much cheaper than tickets on the high season! Low season is in May and September, mid-season in June and High Season in July and August

You can book your tickets using Google flights from here

Once you reach Mykonos there are two ways for you to go around, you can use the Aegean taxi app or regular taxis!You can download the Aegean taxi app on IOS or Android. Generally, every route is around ~20 to 40 euros so it is good to know this before to avoid any surprises.

At all times before and after you go from Athens to Mykonos, print out and save your ticket information. You can save them either on your e-mail or on your phone. You will need all the relevant information in order to get on board and don’t forget to have your identification as well, that would be your passport and ID.

If you are travelling by public transportation to get yourself in the Airport or the port don’t forget to get the relevant tickets from the kiosks. For the Airport you can use the buses that go there, those are X93,X95,X96 and X97. All of them have different routes but go directly to the Airport, you can get the one that is better for your location, to check the routes you can also google them and you can hop in to the right station.

Lastly pack up some things before you go. If you are travelling by boat you might want to get some sunscreen,sunglasses and if you are easily getting seasick then don’t forget to buy some Dramamine.

Mykonos, photo by The Framed Bear

How many miles from Athens to Mykonos?

From Athens to Mykonos the distance is 108 miles which is 175 km.

What should I know about Mykonos?

Regarding Mykonos, it is part of Cyclades and it is in between Tinos, Syros, Paros, and Naxos. It is a great destination for all sorts of visitors because it is having pretty much everything, from great parties until the morning to open beaches for you to chill and relax! From high end Villas to Hostels and from great restaurants and food to snacks and souvlaki. If you are looking to learn more about Mykonos you can check here.

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