5 Famous pastry-shops in Athens

Pastry Shops in Athens by Sofia Kontodimou

Nancy’s sweet home (Το σερμπετόσπιτο της Νάνσυ): This sweet home opened its doors about a year ago and since then it has been one of the most famous pastry shops in town. The menu includes all kinds of sweets which are all fresh and delicious. At “Nancy’s sweet home” you will have the opportunity to taste the traditional “ravani” which is a cake coated in syrup, the orange pie, a piece of “ekmek” or “baklava”. If you are craving for chocolate, do not miss the chance to order the famous 
“chocolate soup” or the “cake of love”. Get ready to have the sweetest experience of your life!
Address: Iroon Square 3, Psirri
Contact: 210 3211323
Despina (Δέσποινα): The name Despina is already known as a trade of high quality. The most famous sweet in here is the millefeuille with cream or chocolate but you will definitely have the option to choose anything from the endless catalog of sweet temptations. In here you can see everything you may desire, from cakes and traditional sweets to ice cream and seasonal treats. Despina does not compromise to quality and quantity!
Address: Patr.Ioakim 56, Kolonaki
Contact: 210 7295582
Pavlova: Obviously this is the house of pavlova and the trademark of this pastry shop. If you are in a mood for a pavlova, you will have the opportunity to order the classic version of this sweet which is made with strawberries but also do not hesitate to taste a pavlova made with lemon, chocolate or chestnut.
Address: Skoufa 56, Kolonaki
Contact: 210 3388827
Lukumades (Lukuμάδες): The authentic Greek delights. This place was founded in 2013 in the center of Athens. We are talking about a place which makes deep-fried dough balls served with honey and cinnamon or ice-cream. You must also try the ones with chocolate or lemon stuffing. These delicious dough balls are prepared in front you so they are truly fresh.
Address: Eolou 21 & Ag.Eirinis
Contact: 210 3210880 
Serbetia (Τα σερμπέτια στου Ψυρρή): A tiny but cozy pastry shop which travels you to old Athens. There is a huge assortment of sweets so you will not choose easily. In the menu you will find traditional recipes such as “serbetopita”, “ekmek”, “ravani” and “kiounefe” but there are also many other sweets with chocolate or fruits which are equally delicious. It is surely one of the places you must drink your coffee at. 
Address: Eschilou 3, Psirri
Contact: 210 3245862

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