How many days in Greece is enough?

Some may ask, How many days in Greece is enough?

If there’s any well-established fact regarding touring and visiting in Europe is that Greece is perhaps the best place to go but how many days in Greece is enough? Everyone going to Greece gets his money’s worth experiences and is always yearning to go back and have another shot at it. The longing and desire to go back in the hearts of individuals who have already been to the country once stems from the knowledge that there is no place better in the world to put your feet up and just relax. However keeping aside the wishful desires, the reality is that one can only spend limited time and, in this article, we will take a look at how many days re enough to visit the country and also how to best utilize one’s time in Greece 

How many days in Greece is enough? Here is what you can do in a four day visit

There’s almost ironically just a bit too much to do and see in Greece. A minimum of four days’ stay is a must to have some sort of feel of Greek life. A long weekend stopover in Athens should be the first priority. Exploring and seeing for oneself the history and grandeur of Acropolis is a must. Athens Riveria is another one that should be ticked off the list. The evenings must include eating out at one of the multiple pastries. If one’s visiting in the peak days of the summer than a visit to the breezy coats must be part of the itinerary. A trip to the city’s ancient ruins must also be undertaken. The final day should in all circumstances be spent at the temple of Poseidon before winding it all up with a sunset cruise on the Mediterranean. These number of days will give one a pretty good insight into the Greek cultures and traditions. The feeling of coming back again will persist and only grow stronger with the passage of time.

Seven days visit, what to do?

Arguably, the ideal number of days to spend in Greece is equal to the number of days in the week that are seven. These number of days will give one a comfortable experience of the main city of Athens plus also providing an opportunity to visit one or two of the Greek party islands. The seven-day itinerary must include a visit to the beautiful city of Chania. There will be time to hike the Samaria George, which is the largest trekking canyon in Europe. If food and drink are the most vital part of the vacation than a tour of Crete is a must. These days will give one an ample opportunity to visit the best of Greece while the longing to visit the less explored places will keep the fire of a return well and truly burning.

How many days in Greece is enough? Santorini

How many days in Greece is enough? Two weeks visit 

If one can take out a couple of weeks to explore the country than there is a chance for a real adventure. The tallest mountains in the Peloponnese region as well as the southernmost point on the European mainland that is Mount Taygetus can be visited. Rafting can be enjoyed in the waters of the Louisos river. Villages in and around the cities can be visited to get a real feel of Greek’s local life. After spending the first week visiting the usual tourist points, the second week at one’s disposal can be full of adventure. The monasteries of Meteora can be explored. A few days on any one of the Greek’s many party islands is quite simply necessary. Corfu might be the best place to end the visit. 

Three weeks visit

The hub of the northern region of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, should be the beginning spot. From there one can move on to the beaches of the close by Halkidiki peninsula. The home of the Greek gods that is Mount Olympus can be the next in line. It is a great place to hike and get the adrenaline pumping. Heading to the Cyclades, a stunning group of Greek islands will be a sensible decision. This is where one will encounter the wild nightlife of Santorini, the gorgeous beaches of Naxos, and the bars and clubs of Mykonos

How many days in Greece is enough? Elafonisos

Tipping in Greece

Like almost the rest of the world, tipping in Greece is a sort of custom but by no means, it is any sort of an obligation. There are however certain times when will be expected to tip and failure to do so will raise a few eyebrows. Some bills might already include the gratuity. It is better to leave the tip via cash. At a coffee shop, a tip by rounding off to the nearest dollar is considered adequate while after eating a restaurant 5 to 10 % tipping is a custom of sorts. Some restaurants might decline the tip while others may have rounded up the bills to include the gratuity.

For great services, it is appropriate to tip the bartender to the nearest euro. In the case of the tour guides, a tip ranging from 5 to 20 euro is considered sufficient. In the case of traveling by taxis, a tip that amounts to 5 or 10 % of the final fare is thought to be ample. For the provision of spa services, a tip is not expected but out of courtesy one can either tip directly or ask for an envelope and leave it at the front desk. 

Airports in Greece

As the country serves as a host to millions of tourists all around the year, the quality of airports is maintained to the best possible standards. The two major as well as the busiest airports are located as expected in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki. El. Venizelos International airport present in Athens receives multiple direct flights from several central European airports as well as connecting flights from almost all over the world on a daily basis. Most of the tourist community land here and is then transferred to other cities or islands either via another plane or by ferry. The airport of Thessaloniki becomes extremely popular during the summer months as it serves as a portal to almost all of Northern Greece. In recent years the airports of Mykonos, Santorini. and Paros have seen increased traffic. The smaller airports in other cities and islands receive either domestic flights or in some cases private and chartered flights. Most of these are operational only during the summers. The flight duration from Athens to the islands varies from 40 minutes to one-hour maximum. 

All in all, Greece is a dream of a country to visit so if you ask me how many days in Greece is enough then I would tell you that any stretch of time one manages to spend there is nothing short of a blessing. Anything above the seven-day period is a reasonable duration to explore the country.