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Love travel and technology, through my travels I found the hard way how to optimize a trip and live as a local in a different country, in that effort I created AthensGlance to give you a quick glance to the things that you need to do in Athens, Greece and its Islands My love in technology and finding the best deal every time pushed me towards creating the Geek of Amazon deals, with that I will be sharing with you everything that makes sense for you to buy and why!
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The Best 5 Restaurants in Athens

Athens is the city of history, unique nightlife and of course amazing food! I wanted to write this post for people who are coming to the city for a few days and would like to experience the best restaurants in Athens, gathered different kind of cuisines, from meat to funky gourmet to traditional Greek food.


The 5 Best Hotels in Greece

Greece is a city for rich culture and history, for mythology, for a luxury vacation, for romance, for antiquity. Being a major tourist destination, Greece is crowded with approximately 30 million tourists throughout the year.