All you need to know about Olympia, Greece

Cercis blooms in Olympia, Greece – Photo by Kristoffer Trolle

Olympia Greece:

Olympia and Olympics ring a bell, don’t they?

Well, if you still haven’t figured out the connection between the two then there’s nothing to worry about. The games, namely Olympics that you learned to look forward to and love as a child were, in fact, originated in Olympia.

Back in the day, Olympia served as a gathering point for the whole of the Greek nation. The Olympic games were used to draw in the rich and the poor, the mighty and weak from all corners of ancient Greece to Olympia. This site was also dedicated to the most famous Greek mythology figure, Zeus!

Here is all you need to know about Olympia Greece

The greatest sports event of the world needed to be worthy of the greatest athletes in the world, didn’t it? And Olympia was the best place to make the athletes feel welcomed and showcase their talent. The High Priestess would light the Olympics torch there in the ancient site of Olympia. This is a tradition still kept alive at the beginning of the Olympics after every four years.

The lush greenery and the mighty mountains in the background were sure to make any athlete feel grand. The scenery is still in all its glory and the visitors love it. The soothing green fields and mountains in Olympia are still a reason to attract tourists from across the globe.

Olympia Stadium, Photo by Ronny Siegel

Once you are there in the ancient site of Olympia, you cannot help imagine the muscular athletes giving all of themselves there. You can clearly hear the chants and loud cheering of spectators while you stand there. Just close your eyes and see how the winds help you feel elated and take your spirit to even higher levels. While you are there, you need to explore some of the things at all costs.

Here are the things to look up to when you visit Olympia Greece the next time.

Zeus Temple, Olympia – Photo by Davida3
  • Zeus’s Temple:

Zeus has been the most popular figure in Greek history who fathered 12 Greek gods. His temple shows the might that he had so well that you can imagine his devotees standing there in front of him. The pillars in the temple have a mystic charm that the visitors love more than anything.

Olympia, Temple of Hera photo by Ronny Siegel
  • Temple of Hera:

If there is one thing that takes us right into ancient Greek feels, it is the structure of the temples. The temple of Hera is another great example of the Greek architecture which you can witness. This temple is the place where the Olympics torch is still lit and marks the glorious traditions of ancient Greece.

Pediment, Museum at Olympia photo by Salomis
  • The Museum:

What better way to explore the stories of the Greek legends than to see their stuff in a museum? The museum is home to the statues of Nike Paionios and Hermes of Praxiteles. These statues and the remnants from the past are a great treat to the eyes.

So, make sure that you visit Olympia when you are in Greece the next time and you will fall in love with it!

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