You should visit Delphi in Greece and here is why!

Delphi Greece, Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay

Delphi Greece:

According to mythology, when Zeus sends two eagles to find out the center of the world, they found Delphi. Delphi Greece is known to be the center of the world which is famous because of its beautiful landscape and historical background. Delphi Greece has quite a history and many myths by the ancient Greek. The saying is that long ago the Mother Earth was guarded by the serpent Python who was killed by Apollo. There are many festivals like the Delphinia and Thargelia celebrated in Delphi in the happiness of Python death.

Apart from its historic importance, Delphi is famous due to many historic sites it offers to travelers around the world. As one of the highest points to visit in Greece, Delphi offers many things to do and places to visit. Here are the places to visit during your trip to Delphi:

Delphi, Image by DebraJean from Pixabay
  • See the oracle (Sanctuary of Apollo):

There is a world record by the UNESCO that there were 500,000 tourists who came from around the world in a year to see the oracle. It is one of the most important destinations around the world known for its prophecies and many myths.

  • The sacred way:

After visiting the Sanctuary of Apollo, there is an uphill which goes to the temple of Apollo. This way is known to be the sacred way as the myth says that the route offers a gateway to the temple. The temple of Apollo is the most important building in Delphi with its everything remains. Featured columns, statues, sculptures, and many other things are inside the temple. The temple construction is in Doric style as it was made in the fourth century BC.

Delphi Ruins Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay
  • See the polygonal wall:

Thinking of visiting the sanctuary of Apollo? Then, don’t miss out the sixth century BC polygonal wall right behind it. This wall is the reason why the temple of Apollo still stands. The construction of the wall is with the help of stones which have spectacular polygon shapes. Therefore, the name is the polygon wall which is 90 meters long.

  • The treasury of the Athenians:

The treasury of the Athenians is also a Doric style temple built around 510 BC. The construction of the temple comprises of Marble from the island of Paros. This was the temple where people did the offering to Apollo.

Antiquity Theater Image by Manfred von Kannen from Pixabay
  • Visit the theatre:

A few steps ahead of the temple you will see the theatre. A traditional style old theatre from the fourth century BC is from the Roman period. The theatre has the capacity of 5000 people with stone benches. The theatre of Delphi after 590 BC was famous for hosting some of the best musical contests.

Delphi Image by christian hardi from PixabayDelphi
  • See the Castalian spring in Delphi Greece:

Between the rocky path in the East, you will find the Castalian spring where there are only two monumental fountains are left. According to the history, here the Pythia which was the priestess purified herself and so did the others to make their way into the temple of Apollo.

So, that was the the top sighting that is a must-see in Delphi Greece. Due to its historic importance and interesting sightings, the place should be the top priority for every traveler.

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