Greek Mythology and Myths that you should know!

Athens, Greece photo by Joao Marcelo Martins

Greek mythology has one of the most fascinating literature in the world. From the mystical creatures and titans to gods and goddesses, there is so much in it that keeps the readers on edge. Zeus, Heracles, Poseidon, you name it, the Greek myths surrounding them are just so interesting that nobody would mind losing sleep over them.

You might be wondering why we have been talking about Greek mythology. We are talking about it because the great myths have transmitted through generations and there are so many of them live on the walls in Greece.

So, here are some of the enthralling Greek myths from the Greek mythology to treat your imagination.

  • Narcissus and Echo:

All of us have heard about narcissism, haven’t we? Have you ever stopped and thought about the origin of the term? Well, here is what led to it.

Narcissus was a handsome young man in Greece whose beauty was almost maddening. Once he was wandering through a forest and a mountain nymph, Echo, happened to land her eyes on him. She was spellbound by his beauty and started following him around. Soon he felt that somebody was tailing him and he called out to whoever it was.

Photo at the National Archaeological Museum photo by Mika

Well, after some time, she came out and tried to embrace him. However, he rejected her and it broke her heart. She then led her to a hidden pool and showed him his reflection in the water. He fell in love with his own reflection without realizing that it was him. His self-love led to the formation of the term narcissism.

Mind-blowing, isn’t it? Check the below Greek myth!

  • Hippolyta and the Amazons:

All the Wonder Woman fans here must know who the Amazons were. Amazons were a women-only tribe based on an island. They were mighty warriors, beautiful women and above all fiercely loyal. Their queen Hippolyta once had Theseus as their guest after he had killed the Minotaur. He was flattered by her charms and beauty, so he proposed to marry her and become the queen of Athens.

But being loyal to her Amazonian sisters, she preferred her own island over the rule of whole Athens. Theseus did not like the rejection and kidnapped the Amazonian queen in the dead of the night. He took her to Athens and planned to marry her. But Hippolyta’s sisters could not let this happen. They went to Athens and rescued their beloved queen and hence proved that women are each other’s greatest strength.

Stoa of Ancient Agora, photo by Luca Nicoletti

Whether true or not, Greek myths are surely something to keep us hooked, aren’t they? There are many other stories like those of Narcissus and Hippolyta which have been around for ages. Generations upon generations have listened to, cherished, retold and preserved these myths and they have now become such great legend.

Of course, there have been exaggerations in the stories if they are real. Still, they are so engaging that people are going to love them for many ages to come.

So, if Greek myths and Greek mythology have inspired you then why not visit Greece and let your imagination take hold for a while? You never what you might come across!

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