9+1 Places in Exarchia

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While wandering in the neighborhood of Exarchia you will see many café-bars and restaurants. But in this post I am going to talk to you about some hang-outs hidden in the streets which are worth a visit.
Alexandrino (Αλεξανδρινό): A little French 1900’s place with unique atmosphere and great cocktails
Address: Emmanouil Mpenaki 69A(Valtetsiou)
Contact: 210-3827780

Mavros Gatos (Μαύρος Γάτος): A beautiful jazz bar in the heart of Exarchia, cozy atmosphere, exquisite music and nice drinks
Address: Koletti 40-42(Mpotasi)
Contact: 210-3800518

Rififi (Ριφιφί): Beautiful decoration with colors and a playful atmosphere. In here you will have the opportunity to taste the famous Greek cuisine and plenty of fine wine.
Address: Benaki 69A
Contact: 210-330237

Kokkinos Lotos (Κόκκινος Λωτός): Delicious cocktails in good prices in a funky place with great vibes
AddressZoodochou Pigis 5
Contact: 210-3801380

Zachari&Alati (Ζάχαρη και Αλάτι): A café-bistro with a romantic atmosphere and lots of flowers. It offers delicious dishes and special drinks while the music travels you anywhere you wish.
Address: Valtetsiotou 47
Contact: 210-3801253
Spirto (Σπίρτο): Placed in a small pavement surrounded by graffiti, Spirto is an alternative choice for those who want to try something different and inexpensive.
Address: Tzavela 9
Contact: 210-3303611

Vissinokipos (Βυσσηνόκηπος): Cherry colors and cute tables outside the café-bar which becomes more romantic at night. At Vissinokipos you will meet up-coming actors and artists who love to drink their coffee or drink there. I am sure you will enjoy the music that will keep you company all day and all night.
Address: Zoodochou Pigis 27
Contact: 210-3801691

Cusco (Κούσκο): Is an alternative cozy place where you can enjoy your coffee/drink
Address: Koletti 8
Contact: 211-4017760

Selas (Σέλας): It really is a secret place. You will find it in a corner with tall trees and flowers and it might give you the sense of an island or a village. Visit Selas in ordet to relax with the music and a drink.
Address: Kallikratous & Methonis 19
Contact: 211-4017760
Tziz: A post-modern bar where Exarchia meet Kolonaki. You will listen to funky-jazz or indie music and enjoy the delicious cocktails. It is supposed to be one of the hottest bars in town.
Address: Navarinou 12
Contact: 210-3633120

By Sofia K.

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