Open Air Cinemas in Athens

After your Athens sightseeing, catch a fancy film at these beautiful Open Air Cinemas

You had a busy day trip on a hot Summer in Athens, Greece, what do to better rather than enjoying a film at these great Summer Cinemas in the Athens city center? The Outdoor Cinema concept is one particular characteristic of Athens and many of those open air cinemas are part of a unique experience that you shouldn’t miss on your trip

An Open air cinema night can sweeten your day, in Greece when the open air cinemas start to operate, it is the declaration of Summer period and when they close their curtains it means that the Winter is ringing the bell. You can find them pretty much everywhere, near the sea, on the city center, on rocky spots, surrounded by nature itself or on top of the sand. On busy roads, on quiet pedestrian streets, with their led lights on and the pleasant smell of pop corns ready to be eaten

Now that you are in the mood, let’s begin

Δεξαμενή(Dexameni) as known as Tank, it is located on the Kolonaki neighborhood, named as the home of Greek chic. The outdoor cinema is in the Dexameni Square, before or after you could grab a bite or a drink to the Δεξαμενή cafe bar located next to the cinema. A quiet and traditional cafeneion with great coffee or meze

Address of the Cinema: Dexameni Square, Kolonaki
Phone: +30 210 362 3942 / + 30 210 360 2363
Ticket Prices: 8 euro adults / 5 euro students


The next one is ranked by CNN among the top movie theaters in the world, its name is Cine Thission and is one of the oldest Open air cinemas in Athens, operating since 1935 on every Spring and Summer, located on one of the greatest pedestrians streets “Apostolou Pavlou”. On your left side Acropolis and on your right side  Filoppapou Hill. You should definitely not miss the walking part, surrounded with all that green and on your way many people chilling out,drinking, playing instruments and enjoying their night

Don’t forget to try their handmade sweet cherry and liqueur

Address of the Cinema: Apostolou Pavlou 7, Thissio
Phone: +30 210 342 0864 / + 30 210 347 0980
Ticket Prices: Thursday – Monday: 8 euro / Tuesday and Wednesday 6 euro 

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In the heart of Exarchia you will find the beloved one cinema Riviera. A Wide-screen surrounded with beautiful trees, it’s cozy environment and bordeaux entrance. As you are strolling around that neighborhood you should stop by and enjoy a big variety of sinephil selections, classic movies from the european and worldwide cinema

After your movie you can enjoy these 9+1 unique places in Exarchia

Address of  the Cinema: Valtetsiou 46, Exarchia
Phone: +30 210 383 7716 / + 30 210 384 4827
Ticket Prices: 8 euro / 6 euro students

Since you are in the area, check this one called ΒΟΞ, Vox Athens, started operating in 1938, the feeling that you get when you enter inside is a very rare. On this roof you will feel like home and it has been there so many years, hundreds of movies were displayed. Vox has a specific audience that loves it, maybe because everyone connects it with Exarchia square and the history that goes with it

Address of the Cinema: Themistokleous 82, Exarchia
Phone: +30 210 330 1020
Ticket Prices: 7 euro / 6 euro students, Every Monday 5 euro tickets for all
Close to the sea, an ideal choice after your walk in Flisvos Marina is their outdoor cinema, before and after marina offers a big variety of things to do – grab a drink close or party on the many clubs around the south coast, enough said let’s go back where we begun
Flisvos cinema, close to the city center on a different scene, capacious with its green director chairs and the gravel underneath, it feels like you are in an island, enjoy your movie with benefits – eating something salty or sweet always accompanied it with your favorite liqueur 

Address of the Cinema: Ethnikis Antistaseos Square, Paleo Faliro

Phone: +30 210 982 1256

Ticket Prices: 8 euro / 6 euro students, Every Tuesday 6 euro 

Next stop Cine Aegli, here we go back to 1903, the year that market the first movie projection of this wonderful open air cinema.It is set in the middle of a green garden with great acoustics, you can even dine in and enjoy the movie of the night. It is located in the heart of the city of Athens, in the Zapeio Gardens next to the Zapeion Megaron – Aegli Zappiou multiplex includes the all day cafe restaurant and the Aegli garden summer bar for your cold night drinks 😉

Address of the Cinema: Zappio Garden(entrance from Vas. Olgas Avenue

Phone: +30 210 33 69369 / +30 210 33 69300
Ticket Prices: 8,50 euro / 6,50 euro students
We go back in the city center to a summer  cinema that opened its doors for the first time in the 20’s, located in the beautiful neighborhood of Plaka, it has an amazing view to the Acropolis and its surroundings, it is so stunning that you can’t choose what to watch, the view or the movie..



Address of the Cinema: Kidathinaion 22, Plaka
Phone: +30 210 32 22071
Ticket Prices: 8 euro





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