Where to eat fast in Athens


Prepare your eyes, feelings and appetite for what is about to happen..

We have gathered all the best Street eats that you can taste in Athens, you should try all of them 🙂

1. Etnico:

The Alternative Street cuisine, street food vs fast food that becomes multi-ethnic, in this street option you can start with a fresh margarita and then dive deep with Wraps and Fillings that you can choose from Falafel, Quesadilla to Burritos. A dessert menu to light the fire out and low calorie options for the ones that want to stay in shape. Opens everyday from 12:00-02:00 and Sunday 14:00-02:00 http://etnico.gr/?lang=en


 2. Food truck:

Are you passing by from https://www.snfcc.org/default.aspx (Stavros niarchos foundation and cultural center?) then you should definitely go for a smart bite at the Food truck that is there, try the 100% beef burger,their great crepes and soups that are from natural ingredients and always fresh for you


3. Amandine 

Maybe its a Bagel day today, what do you say? if you are feeling baggeling then Amandine’s bagels are a must from bagels with mango and prosciutto to roast beef. A huge selection for you to try, always fresh and homemade named after the EU cities with ingredients reflecting to each respective region. After your bagel you can enjoy their great desserts like cheesecase, chocolate pie and brownies their Opening hours are everyday from 8:00 to 19:30


4. Los Loros

Why not trying something different today? Some Venezuelan and Colombian Street food in the heart of Athens.
Start with handmade white cheese and continue your Colombian journey with Chicharron, (crackling pork belly with avocado, tomato, iceberg and more) that will pick up your flavors. Bring out some beer or some of the fresh juices to accompany your food and proceed with some Pabellon criollo(rice, shredded beef, queso blanco duro,black beens and plantain), much more you can find there depending on your mood and your hunger their Opening hours are 11:30 to 12:00 weekdays and 11:30 to 02:00 weekends (Sunday its closed)


5. Street wok

When you think of Street food i know you automatically think of Chinese, of course we wouldn’t let Street wok outside of our list.
In Street wok it’s up to you to decide what to eat and how much it will cost, you choose a base(Noodles,rice, brocoli) , you add your favorites(pork,chicken,beef etc) and you complete with your sauce(sweet chilli, pepper etc). You can also add additional toppings like peanuts, fried onions, garlic etc, they open 12:00-02:00 on weekdays and Weekends 12:00-03:00 (Sunday closed)




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6. Food str.

Even if it is a day or a night Food Str is one of your best choices for burger in Athens, great variety of burgers(Blue cheese burger, Mediterranean, Country and much more) with very good ingredients. If you are a vegetarian you will also have a good night with couple of veggie burgers or soups that will get you rolling after a hangover. If you are on the run pocket omelettes are waiting for you(Bacon, smoked pork and mushroom)  All these great street pleasures you can taste them in these operating hours, on Weekdays and Sundays 12:00-04:00 and Weekends 12:00-05:30

7. Fallafellas

Time for Falafel in the center of Athens and here it is, from a small bite(pocket size) to the giant, accompany them with a tabouleh salad and a beer. Fresh ingredients, tasty and affordable for everyone. It is one of the healthiest choice and fast(might wait a little bit in the queue though but it is worth it) There operating hours are everyday from 11:00-12:00, Sunday closed

8. Tortuga

What about Tortilla wraps?
Freshly made, stuffed with good quality ingredients and a tortilla made in house everyday with a variety of spices and accompanied with your favorite dips. The first slow food bar-served fast in Athens to fill your hunger with many different wraps(tagine beef,kebab,chicken curry,pork belly), soups and  of course starters to earn up your hunger with a beer. Operating on Weekdays 14:00-12:00 and Friday/Saturday 14:00-02:00


9. Σαν φραντσισκο(San Francisco) 

One of the best Sandwiches in town for every different taste(Alcatraz with sliced pork, the Downtown sandwich with the classic bacon and lettuce, Corona heights with sliced beef and paprika and much more) Vegetarian options for vegans and not and a big variety of local beers like Septem,Vergina and Zeos. All of their ingredients are fresh, eggs are organic and their meats from Drama in northern Greece and feta from Kalavryta, operating hours for you to enjoy are everyday from 12:00-12:30 and Friday/Saturday 12:30-01:30




We’ve seen till now almost all street cuisines, did we mentioned Indian? nope? so here it is, Mirch is there to feel that gap with many different dishes for one or two persons, the famous Indian Souvlaki(mixed vegetables with chicken Tikka in a big nan bread), Tandoori Dishes and the classics like Chicken Curry, Korma and Vindaloo. They also have a big beer list for you to enjoy from Estrella to Kozel, Miller and Maisels. Their operating hours are everyday from 10:30-12:00


11. Sum sum falafel

If you are around the area of Kolonaki you should definitely hit SumSum and grab a simple-good-tasty falafel wrap, options for vegans and signature ingredients for everyone. In their menu you could also find soups but take your time and taste the spicy lachmajoun. Operating hours are Weekdays from 12:00-12:00 Saturday and Sunday unfortunately they are closed



12. Feyrouz

Everything about Lahmacun in a Hidden spot called Feyrouz with one aim, to present to the visitors the small, gastronomical family history, which extends in Antioch, Lebanon, Cyprus and Istanbul. From different kinds of Lahmatzoun(vegetarian also) to all kind of Salads(Tabuleh,mixed) and Soups for the ones that are trying to avoid bread(yoghurt, machluta, beetroot and syriana soup)
Last but not least great Peinirlis(with chicken,soutzouki, pastourma) and vegetarian pie’s and what a great way to end your meal with some sweets like Rice pudding, Ashureh, Ayvah and Kabaka truffles. Their operating hours are Monday to Thursday 12:00-10:00 and Friday to Saturday 12:00-11:00



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