The Best 5 Restaurants in Athens

Athens Restaurants photo by Stavrialena Gontzou

Athens is the city of history, unique nightlife and of course amazing food! I wanted to write this post for people who are coming to the city for a few days and would like to experience the best restaurants in Athens, gathered different kind of cuisines, from meat to funky gourmet to traditional Greek food.

What I have experienced myself living in many different countries and cities is that the pure ingredients really change the flavors and give you a unique experience of food. As more pure the ingredients are, the so called farm to table restaurant will be something that everyone would like to experience at some-point in their lives.

There are a lot of restaurants in the city so it is very easy for someone to just skip the good ones and dine somewhere else, some of those could be tourist traps so I wanted to help you to avoid situation like this. So which are the best restaurants in Athens?

Let’s start with Hytra restaurant and bar which is located on the 6th and 7th floor of Onassis Cultural Centre which you can find at 107-109 Syngrou Avenue. This is one of the best restaurants in Athens because it is mixing up the Greek cuisine and the traditional recipes in a more contemporary way.

The restaurant has two menu’s, the gourmet menu which focuses on highly technical recipes and of course the appearance of the dishes and the flavors that you can get from each dish but also the “Apla” menu which is a bit more of a casual dine experience at a bit more affordable prices. You can reserve online at!

Our next stop to the best restaurants in Athens is Drakoulis Meat in Kolonaki, you can find the restaurant at Skoufa 52. This restaurant is dedicated to meat so if you are looking for a fine dining with amazing meat then you shouldn’t miss going to this place.

The great thing about this place is that it has everything that you might look for in terms of meat from traditional ones to exclusive and creative things, regarding the menu you can either choose something from the menu or go through their unique refrigerators were they preserve the meat and choose what you would like to eat.

Drakoulis meat is also in other locations in Athens and the Islands, you can find a restaurant also in the south in Voula and also in Mykonos. The project of every restaurant is very unique so that’s why I also picked it as one of the best restaurants in Athens. The design is spectacular with low light and luxury touches and house music, it is definitely a different experience that I would personally suggest you go for it.

My next pick for the best restaurants in Athens is the most awarded restaurant in Athens, Spondi! You can find it at Pirronos 5 in Athens, Spondi team just goes above and beyond since 2001, there are a 2 Michelin star restaurant and for more than 10 years they have been awarded as the Best restaurant in Greece so you shouldn’t skip it from your list. How about the menu?

Their food is focused and prepared with the freshest products and it changes as the seasons go by, as you may understand apart from the flavor journey the presentation here plays a significant role as well. As they say also on their website, Spondi is described with 3 words, Elegance, refinement and authenticity. Long story short Spondi has being and it is one of the best restaurant in Greece so you shouldn’t miss it from your trip!

Before our last stop in this journey of the best restaurants in Athens, I would like to present you the Funky gourmet restaurant which you can find on Paramithias and Salaminos street. Funky gourmet has hosted to its tables so many guests and has being awarded with 2 Michelin stars and 2 Golden hats. At the moment of this post they are in the process of changing the restaurant so for 2019 the restaurant is being under restoration and the brand new restaurant will open it’s doors in early 2020 so if you are visiting around that time you shouldn’t miss their fine dining.

The last stop is in Piraeus, in Mikrolimano area, close to the sea and you can also combine it with your trip to the Greek Islands(if you are getting a boat there). The name of the restaurant is Varoulko and first opened it is doors back in 1987 and since then just gives us a deep flavour journey into the Greek cuisine, got its first Michelin star in 2002 and it is a unique experience for Greek cuisine in Piraeus area.

You should definitely try the dishes of the fish roe dip made from white fish roe and of course the fresh boiled octopus marinated in vinegar. It is an amazing experience that you shouldn’t miss.

These were my picks for the best restaurants in Athens, if you liked the post please share the love and can’t wait to hear your experiences.

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