Greek Gods and Goddesses

The Greek mythology has many Gods and Goddesses as history takes us back to BC. Every God and goddess played a different role in Olympian history and every one of them had different qualities or powers. Here is the list of Greek gods and Greek goddesses:

  • The Greek god Zeus:

Zeus is the father of the famous Hercules who rules over the family of Olympians. The meaning of Zeus name is bright or sky and his power was his weapon made by the cyclops. His weapon was the thunderbolt which was his favorite choice.

  • The Greek god Apollo:

Apollo who is famous for his contribution to a peaceful motherland is the son of Zeus and Leto. He had a twin sister Artemis who was the goddess. Apollo had an excellent aptitude for archery and was always inspired by art and music.

  • Ares:

Ares was the son of Zeus and Hera who was known as the God of war for his dangerous aspects of the battle. Ares had a child with Aphrodite who was the goddess of fertility.

  • Dionysus

He is known to be the Greek God of wine who wandered around the world. When he became an adult, he started teaching men the culture of wine. The important fact is that he was the last God of the Olympus.

  • Hades:

Hades was the God of wealth known to be the rich one possessing the most precious metals from around the world. He had a cap who could make him invisible. He kidnapped the only daughter of Demeter and made her queen.

  • Hephaestus:

Did you know that Hephaestus was the only Greek God among the Olympians who was ugly and was the worker of all the other Gods and Goddesses. The power of him was the fire which is why he is known as the God of fire.

  • Hermes:

The trickster of the Olympian famous for this cunning and cleaver personality is Hermes. He was born in a cave in the mountain of Arcadia who was conceived and born in one day.

  • Poseidon:

The God of the sea who after the fall of the Titans ruled over with the power of his trident. He was known to be the protector of waters and can talk to fishes and other sea creatures.

  • Aphrodite:

The goddess of fertility and love is Aphrodite who was famous for her attractive beauty. She fought in battles and led Zeus to fall in love with a human named Europa.

  • Artemis:

The daughter of Zeus and Leto who was the twin sister of Apollo. She shared the same qualities and skills as her brother. She has quite an importance in all the Goddesses of Olympians.

  • Athena:

The Goddess of war who fought many battles with Ares. Athena is one of the three virgin goddesses who served the temple and fought for the Olympians.

  • Demeter:

She was the beautiful daughter of Cronos and Rhea and she was the Goddess of fertility and harvest. Only women could assist her. In December, there is always a festival for the honor of Demeter in Greece.

  • Hera:

Hera was one of the protectors of Olympian Gods who had many qualities. The queen of Olympians never got an injury in her entire life.

  • Tyche:

She is also known as Tykhe who was the goddess of fortune and fate. She had a mixed personality of good and evil and Greeks used to say that she was the cause of many turning events.

So, these are the Greek Gods and Goddesses, the rulers of Olympians. There are also many other gods and goddesses who played different roles in ancient Greece but these were the ones who protected the Olympian and sworn to protect the duty together to serve Earth.

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