When is the best time to visit Athens?

Athens from the above

That’s a question that we all ask in any city that we are planning to go in order to make the fullest of our trip. When is the best time to visit Athens in Greece though? A lot of people would definitely say that is summer and you will have to go at that time, personally I believe Athens is a city of all seasons.

Yes, you can come and enjoy it to the fullest in Summer because you can combine your trip with the Greek Islands but if you solely want to visit Athens, the historical sites and experience the ancient remains and history of the city then summer might not be a great idea. Athens in summer could get a lot warm from 85(29 Celsius) degrees Fahrenheit in June to 90(32 Celsius) in August so your tours might not be as you thought that they would be.

The best time to visit Athens is a little bit after Easter, Orthodox Easter is in April, around that time you can experience the best weather in Athens, on average in April it rains only 3 days of the month and the temperature is pretty amazing, sunny and not warm and you should expect a high of 20 degrees Celcius (68 F) and a low of 11 Celcius (53 F). With that weather you can experience the city to the fullest, enjoy your walks, seeing all the attractions and why not trying to swim as well? A lot of people are swimming after Easter and the south coast is not that far from the city center you can reach there in around 30 minutes with the public transportation.

But If you want to combine it with a Greek Island, when is the best time to visit Athens?

Paros Island in Summertime

The best time to visit Athens and combine it with a Greek Island would be around May or September, those two months will make your trip a trip to remember since you will be able to visit the Islands but also find very good prices for accommodation in the Islands(it is still not high season) and enjoy a great weather. The high season starts in June with a peak in July and August, those 3 months are pretty warm so if you can pick on whether to visit then or not I wouldn’t suggest you to do so, go before or after the high season to be able to enjoy Athens and the Islands to the fullest.

Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, this is where the first Olympiad games where held

What about the rest months of the year? If you are wondering if visiting December(Christmas) or around April(Easter) is one of the best times to visit Athens, I can tell you that they are indeed both very unique to experience those months but it is not the best time for Athens. Christmas and Easter in Athens is very different and cool, with different rituals, recipes and of course things to do but the weather is not that amazing as it is after Easter.

Long story short the best time to visit Athens is either a bit after Easter or if you want to combine it with a Greek Island then you should come around May or September. If the post helped you plan your trip better then why not sharing it and helping others? Thanks for reading and safe travels!

If you have any questions regarding your trip, I’m always happy to give you more suggestions and recommendations!

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