One Unforgettable Day in Athens

Athens from Above

A lot of people are asking me what they can do if they only have on day in Athens? So I wanted to dedicate this post to them and provide them with the essential information for an unforgettable day in Athens.

If you are one day in Athens either in summer or winter this will be your guide to see and experience all the goodies that this city has to offer, generally you can do pretty much anything in this city, from enjoying an amazing dinner with a view to partying till the AM. It can be easily described as a crazy city with a lot of history that ties with it, from the Acropolis that can be seen from all the places around Athens to the renovated Acropolis museum that you should definitely visit if you are spending one day in the city.

First things first, what you should do and see if you are visiting for only one day in Athens? You should start your morning hike to the Acropolis, start early in order to avoid any delays in the ticket office but also to have your space and take pictures and look the city from the above.

What you should expect in terms of time? It will take you an hour to two in order to see everything, take pictures and enjoy the view. Visiting the Acropolis is definitely one of the must things to do, as you go down from the Acropolis will be wise for you to stop at the Acropolis museum. It is very close to Acropolis and will give you a holistic view of everything, the history, the marbles but also you will see and experience more ancient remains and history.

What else you should do in your one day in Athens? These two morning activities will make your morning busy so you would want to relax a bit and enjoy the vibe of the city, for that I would suggest to go to Anafiotika in Plaka. Plaka is a unique neighborhood in the heart of Athens very close to Acropolis and Acropolis museum, it feels like a small island with it’s small houses and the old neoclassical structure buildings.

There you will be able to relax and enjoy your coffee or afternoon local drink, if you are in the mood for a drink you can try the local mastic from Chios Island or Ouzo accompanied with some starters. If you are in the mood for a coffee you can try the famous for the Athenians Freddo espresso which is iced espresso and Freddo cappuccino which is the iced cappuccino and yes you got it right, Athenians do love iced coffee!

After you had seen and experienced Acropolis and Acropolis museum and enjoyed your coffee or drink to the amazing neighborhood of Plaka the next step is to see a bit more in your one day in Athens. I will suggest to take a quick glance of the other areas as well, for your next stop you should see the change of the guards in front of the Greek Parliament, it doesn’t take too long and it is a nice experience to have.

After seeing the guards you should take a walk in the main shopping area of Athens which is called Ermou and it is underneath the Syntagma square(very close to the Parliament), as you walk down Ermou you will see Kapnikarea church the one seen in the photo above which is one of the oldest churches in Athens and it is in the middle of Ermou, if it is morning or afternoon you will be able to go inside also and check it out.

If you are feeling a bit hungry and would like a snack you can go to the famous Kostas located very close to Kapnikarea church, at Kostas you will be able to taste one of the finest Greek Souvlaki in the city center, around Kostas are a lot of bars, restaurants and coffee shops. As we approaching the late afternoon you should continue strolling down the Ermou street to Monastiraki area and enjoy a cocktail with the view of the Acropolis. In Monastiraki you can find a lot of places with a great view overlooking Acropolis and the city itself some of those are A for Athens, 360 cocktail bar and Couleur Locale.

If you are looking to have a great dinner with traditional and local food with a view then you should go to Avissinia cafe which is located to Kinetou 7 address close to Monastiraki. It is an amazing quiet little gem overlooking Acropolis with nice music and very good food, it is not that crowded if you go early e.g. around 06:00pm.

If you have some extra energy after your dinner and would like to experience a bit the Athenian nightlife then you can go to any of the bars or clubs in the area, a nice bar that will be open until late is Draxmi bar but if you are looking for a concert or a house party then you should check out sixdogs bar/club which is very very close to Monastiraki area.

These were some of the things that you must do if you are spending only one day in Athens, of course you can add or take out some of those things mentioned above and will provide you with some more information in the areas or what you can see in Athens.

Hope that the post helped you plan your one day in Athens and if it did then why not helping also others and sharing it? Let’s make people have fun in Athens together and thank you for reading!

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