How many days you should spend in Athens?

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I’ve found that a lot of people are trying to understand how many days in Athens is the best in order to see city fully but also have the chance to understand how is to be an Athenian. Generally, Athens is not a huge city like New York but depending on your trip, it is good to spend a good amount of days there, there are a lot of things to see in Athens.

But I guess you will ask me, how many days in Athens to see the must things in the city?

You will need at least 3 days to see the must attractions and get a sense of the city, If you are looking to come to the city on the Summer then I suggest you spend sometime in the city center and see at least the below things

A lot of visitors are combining their trip in Athens with their vacation on the Islands, this combination is the best thing because you are also able to see the historical attractions but also experience the great nightlife of the city. Forgot to mention that Athens also has great food that you can taste before heading towards to the Islands, if you would like to see more, I wrote a post about the best restaurants in Athens that you can find here.

Now that I presented you a few options, how many days in Athens would be ideal?

Ideally speaking, apart from the center of Athens which is magical it would be great if you go as well in the southern suburbs and see Athens from a different point of view. If it is summer, you can find great beaches to relax and enjoy your cocktails but also stroll around and enjoy the view and the weather. Athens has a great weather all year around and that makes the city a perfect destination, the best months though for you to go in terms of enjoying both parts of the city is around April to September.

In order for you to spend some days in the center but also get a quick glance of the city in the south and other parts then it would be great if you could spend at least 4 to 5 days in Athens. Spending 4 to 5 days in Athens will give you an great overview of the city but also the other parts. Of course if you would like to go everywhere and see everything you might need more than a week to do them but at the end it all depends on you.

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Athens has a lot of things to do and see and a lot of Museums as well, what I suggest to people who are coming to see the city both Winter and Summer is to prioritize and see what they want depending on the period that they are visiting the city. E.g. if you are visiting on the summer then there are some activities that you might not have if you are visiting on the Winter for a example the open air cinemas.

If you are visiting Athens on the Winter then you should go to the most important outdoor attractions the Acropolis, Odeon of Herodes atticus but also some temples and then on the days that are not that good you should focus on going to the museums like Acropolis museum or Benaki museum.

It is very important for you to prioritize your trip considering the month that you will be visiting the city. If you are visiting Athens in the summer for 3 days and then going to the Islands I would suggest spending the first day to see Acropolis, Acropolis museum, stroll around the Plaka area and see if there is any show or event happening at Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Catch a English speaking film in the open air cinema in Thission with Acropolis on the background and if you feel like it enjoy the crazy nightlife afterwards until you catch the first shrine of the sun.

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So to conclude and be able for you to take something from this post into how many days in Athens you should spend you will have to think when you would like to visit Athens. If you are visiting Athens on the summer and combining it with a Greek Island then 3 days is good for you to see the must see things.

If you are visiting only Athens and would like to see all the things and experience city to the fullest then you should spend at least a week with a weekend so you would be able to see not only the city but also the southern suburbs and other parts of the city.

If you liked my post, share the love and can’t wait to read the experiences that you have in from Athens.

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